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As a teacher for VIPKid, it is important to get bookings and it is very important to build a full schedule (90% of open slots booked with students). In order to build a full schedule, you must have students that are willing to book your class again and again. These students are called regulars. Keep in mind that you have two opportunities to turn a new student into a regular student: teaching the class and providing feedback about the class to the parent. It goes without saying that you will want to teach a great class. However, you don’t want to neglect providing great feedback. This post address feedback and what you need to do to write feedback in a way that would invite parents to book you again and again.

The Importance of Feedback


Writing feedback is important to building a full schedule. The thing to remember is that quality is more important than quantity when it comes to writing parent feedback.

You want your parents to read your feedback and to come to the conclusion that you are great fit for their student as the teacher. You don’t want your feedback to be too short, too long, or boring.

Instead, the feedback should be a personalized evaluation of how the class went, what the student did well, and what the student needs to improve on in order to become more proficient and fluent in English.

Most feedback follows a basic format.

However, you should always go beyond basic format or script in order to make the feedback personalized for the student and to give the parent what the parent expects.

In this post, I am going t give the basic format and reminders of things that you want to put into your feedback every time, an idea of what parents are looking for, how to adapt your feedback to the specific student, and what should always be asked for to ensure a regular student.

The basic format

  1. You want to begin your feedback by being kind and positive (It was a pleasure having your student in class today)
  2. Mention anything that may have made the class difficult (Behavior, IT problems etc…)
  3. Recap what the student learned.
  4. Highlight what the student did well.
  5. Highlight what the student struggled with and what needs to be practiced before the next lesson.
  6. Ask for a 5 apple feedback, a follow at VIPKid, and let the parent know you look forward to seeing their student again.
  7. Conclude with thank you and your teacher SHOW name (so they can find you again if they want to book with you again)

OK, this list should give you the basic ideal of what needs to be included in every parent feedback you write. Remember that everything your write must be translated into Chinese, so keep your language and wording simple.

You may want to utilize Google translate to ensure the things you write will be translated in a way that the parent will understand what you are trying to communicate.

There are many pre-made scripts available for each class you teach that you can use to write your feedback.

VIPkid has sample feedback in the materials section of the class.

Some teachers use Feedback Panda, the VIPKid Google slides Facebook group, or the collaborative lesson bank Facebook group, for help with feedback but keep in mind that these feedback scripts and templates are pretty generic and you will want to edit what you use to fit the student you taught.

What Parents Expect

Anytime you write feedback, you should write feedback in a way to satisfy the parent. This means that feedback is written in a way that meets their expectations. Here are the expectations you need to keep in mind.

Parents expect the teacher to care about their child. When writing feedback, you need to demonstrate care and concern for the student. The feedback needs to be student centered which is why you highlight specific strengths and weaknesses with exact examples of both.

Parents expect the teacher to demonstrate that adjustments are being made in class to meet the needs of the student. You should be able to demonstrate that you aware of the student’s interests and how you use those to help the student. You know the student’s level and you are making adjustments for that as well.

Parents expect you to explain how they, the parents, can assist their child between classes. The parents will not be able to teach their child English, that is your job, however, they still want to help. You should give them specific things they can do to help their child.

Now, we have some ideal of what parents are looking for in the feedback, let’s put this into action.

Information that Should be Included in All Feedback

When writing feedback, remember you want to make the parents HAPPYY!!!

H- Hook, you want to write your feedback in a way that hooks the parent into reading the feedback.

I recommend that you begin your feedback with some specific detail about the class that may surprise the parent and entice them to read the feedback.(This is the reason you should keep some paper and pen near you during class to write down some details that you can reference in the feedback).

A – Apply – you want your feedback to apply to the student. What did the student learn? How will the learning to help improve English proficiency and fluency?

P – Praise – you want to include what your student did well. What were the student strengths? Some students will be difficult to teach so you will have to stretch to come up with something.

Keep in mind, your student is learning the most complicated language in the world, there will be something to praise.

P- Practice – what did the student struggle with? What does the student need to practice? (Try not to use the actual word “practice” in your feedback instead give specific steps).

Keep in mind that the parent probably doesn’t know English very well either. Remind them that they can re-watch the class on video playback and have the student do the same.

I would encourage a re-watch of the class and specific steps on what the student should practice.

Y- You – this represents the “I look forward to seeing you (the student) again or I look forward to teaching you again.” This includes the “Thank you” as well.

Y- Yes – this represents the questions that you want the parents to say “yes” to and we will discuss those questions in the next section.

Ask for This Every time

If you taught a great class and have shared some great feedback with the parent, there are a couple of things you want the parent to do for you. You want them to say “yes” to these questions and follow through.

  1. You want them to give your class a 5-apple feedback, you should ask for it. For example, you could say If you liked my class, please leave me positive (5 apple) feedback! It is very important to VIPKid teachers to get feedback from every class. Thank you!”
  2. You want them to follow you at VIPKid. Again, you should ask, especially if they are a new student. VIPKid parents can follow you at VIPKid and every time you open slots, they get notified which helps to increase overall booking. You can check to see how many followers you have on the mobile app only. It is located on your profile and is the number underneath the flower.
  3. You may ask them to connect with you on WeChat. This is optional but many VIPKid teachers communicate with their regular students through WeChat (social media popular in China). You will need to have a We Chat account and be able to share your user with the parent.

If you have taught a great class, and have given very good feedback, you can expect parents to say yes to these questions. All of these requests will help you build a full schedule.

My Final Thoughts on Writing Feedback for VIPKid

I hope this post helps you with writing effective and meaningful feedback and will propel you to building a full and profitable schedule with VIPKid.

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