Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

In this post, I am going to highlight some Wealthy Affiliate success stories so you can judge for yourself if Wealthy Affiliate is for you.

You may be researching Wealthy Affiliate and wondering if it can help you make money. Wealthy Affiliate has been around since 2005 and has almost 1.5 million members. When it comes to starting and building an online business, there are many ways to go about it.

Wealthy Affiliate focuses on helping people make money online through affiliate marketing. With Wealthy Affiliate, you can learn to build and set up a profitable website, get rankings in Google, and build a full or part-time income.

It can seem hard to believe because of so many online platforms that seem to offer similar opportunities (and many are scams or make claims that are unrealistic), but Wealthy Affiliate is different.

For me, I have learned more about building a successful online business in less than a year with Wealthy Affiliate than I had learned the previous 20 years. It is an excellent platform to learn about, start, and grow a lucrative online business.

A few things I want to point out before we look closer at these success stories is that:

1. I tried to highlight success with the last 2 years. Wealthy Affiliate has been around for over a decade and I wanted to demonstrate success is still a part of what Wealthy Affiliate is all about.

2. These stories are NOT ranked, instead, I wanted to highlight various levels of success.

3. Success is personal and only you can define your success but if you read through these stories, I am sure you will be able to relate where you are and where you want to go.

Success Story: Made $1612.50 in 2 Months 

Mike aka MikeBeatty has been a Wealthy Affiliate member since September 2018. According to Mike, the top two achievements with Wealthy Affiliate is earning over 4 figures per month from affiliate marketing and creating 2 websites that are getting over 30,000 sessions per month.

He has built a very successful online business in less than 2 years. According to Mike, one of his websites (Make Time Online) had a revenue of $1612.50 for the months of April and May 2020.

He has created an online business and he is sharing with and helping others. In addition to his 2 websites, he administers a Facebook group, Make Time Online. If you want to achieve similar success, Mike says that you need to be consistent and realistic. You need to be willing to work on it daily and give yourself some time to see the results.

You can check out his website here.

Success Story: A New MacBook from Earnings 

Reyna aka RDulloo has been a Wealthy Affiliate member since December 2017. She has built a successful affiliate marketing She recently blogged and shared with the community her success for the month of April 2020.

According to Reyna, Reyna had an income of $404 for the month. This income came in handy because it allowed her to buy a brand-new MacBook Pro.

She says,

“1) To be realistic when it comes to goals and the amount of time to dedicate to get to those goals. You won’t start making $10,000 a month only working 10 minutes per day.

2) Be consistently persistent and persistently consistent. You need to rinse and repeat the right steps in order to become successful

3) Don’t compare how fast your business is growing to how fast somebody else’s is growing. Your business is unique to you. Some people could start making $1000 a month in 6 months, while others will start making $1000 a month in 2 years. It does not mean that you’re doing anything wrong.

Just focus on your business and what feels right for you and NEVER give up.”

You can check out her site here.

Success Story: Earning $5000 per Month 

Thabo aka Thabo4 has been a Wealthy Affiliate member since May 2018. He left his job as a civil engineer to build his online business. Thabo recently shared his success with the community. For the month of May 2020, Thabo’s niche website produced his first $5000 month.

This is a very exciting achievement because it achieves the goals, he made for himself when he started his Wealthy Affiliate journey. He has now reset his goals to create additional profitable websites and he credits the training at Wealthy Affiliate for making it possible. Thabo says that you need to do something you love, keep learning, and do not give up.

Check out his site here.

Success Story: Becoming a 4 Figure Earner 

Denis aka DBlanchard has been a Wealthy Affiliate member since January 2016. Denis has been building his online business with Wealthy Affiliate on a part-time basis. He builds his business while working his full-time job as of this post.

As of May 2020, the part-time business he started with the help of Wealthy Affiliate netted him over $1000 (CAD). According to Denis, Wealthy Affiliate has everything you need if you are willing to put in the time and effort.

It has helped him make money while he sleeps even though he knew nothing about online business when he started. He gives much of the credit for his success to the training of Wealthy Affiliate, persistence, and faith. He is on his way to “firing his boss.”

Check out his website.

Success Story: $13K for Christmas 

Eric Cantu has been a Wealthy Affiliate member since January 2017. He was a firefighter at the time he joined Wealthy Affiliate. Eric has had tremendous success with the help of Wealthy Affiliate.

During Black Friday 2019, Eric’s online business generated over $13,000 in sales. The success is detailed on his website. He says, “the key to success at Wealthy Affiliate is focused on learning.”

He encourages people to look at Wealthy Affiliate the same way they would look at a college course. You must be a student and willing to learn. “The training at Wealthy Affiliate is real and it delivers.”

Check out his website.

Success Story: 1 Million Dollars in Sales 

Eddy aka EddySalomon has been a Wealthy Affiliate member since June 2007. On his profile, he states that he has been an entrepreneur since the 90s, but he did not start making money until 2008 when he joined Wealthy Affiliate.

He has an amazing story and the success he has had is tremendous. Since starting his website in the Make Money Online niche, the website gas generated over $1 million in sales with affiliate marketing and with the help of Wealthy Affiliate.

The success of his online business has allowed him and his wife to quit their jobs and travel the world. He says the key is “an unwillingness to give up even when things go wrong.” He advises not to let the fear of failure stand in your way.

The other piece of advice is that this is not another job, but it is a business. It takes time, persistence, and many unpaid hours to build a business that will pay you when you are not working.

Check out his website here.

Click here to check out his YouTube Channel. 

Success Story: $700 Per Day 

Eartha has been a Wealthy Affiliate member since June 2016. Before joining Wealthy Affiliate, she was a web developer for an attorney. Being dissatisfied, she decided to pursue her own affiliate marketing business and the training at Wealthy Affiliate made this possible.

Wealthy Affiliate gave her the tools to start her business based on affiliate marketing, drop shipping, and sales funnels. In October 2019, her website generated her a one-day commission of over $700 in a single day and she found out about it while grocery shopping.

She has gone on to make tens of thousands of dollars with the website she built with the Wealthy Affiliate tools and training. According to Eartha, two things she would want you to know is:

1. Understand that an online business does not equate to fast money. Many beginners give up far too quickly expecting to make affiliate commissions within the first two months of starting a niche website. It requires consistency and patience.

2. Be committed to the training. Do not skim over it or put it off. Follow it and implement what you learn. Do something every day to push your business forward.

Check out her website here.

Success Story: $2,158.76 from Advertising 

Jay aka J-KWest has been a Wealthy Affiliate member since October 2016. Jay built a website in the make money niche however he makes a lot of money from ad revenue. As of August 2019, jay’s website was producing over $2000 per month in ad revenue alone.

This money is made by simply by providing content on his site that ranks. This was made possible by using the training he received from Wealthy Affiliate. The income he generates online allows him to be with his family and to live where he wants.

1. Jay says, “Be realistic. You wouldn’t join a gym and expect to have the body of your dreams in a month. You wouldn’t go to university and expect to be a career professional earning six figures in six weeks, and you wouldn’t pick up a violin and expect to be a virtuoso by the end of the year.” People that are successful must put in the time and work.

2. Have a genuine desire to learn and develop new skills. Be willing to make mistakes.

3. Accept uncertainty. Building a business is an adventure. “Every entrepreneur, artist, athlete, and even parent… your best chance of success is to go in with realistic expectations, be willing to screw up, accept uncertainty, and do it anyway.”

Check out his website here.

My Final Thought…

Well, I hope these Wealthy Affiliate success stories can give you a glimpse of what is possible with the training and tools that you can find at Wealthy Affiliate.

The profiles of people highlighted in this post are from people from various walks of life and there is one common theme: use the training and tools of Wealthy Affiliate combined with hard work, time, and energy resulted in financial rewards and personal success.

I have enjoyed reading and sharing these stories, but these successes are just a small fraction of success that Wealthy Affiliate members experience daily and have been for 15 years.

This is another testament that should help you overcome doubt and get started with Wealthy Affiliate membership today.

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