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This Gogokid review takes a closer look at the Gogokid ESL online tutoring platform. The information here is to help you decide if working for Gogokid is the right fit for you. I have worked for Gogokid. It is a good platform and you can use it to make money online from home.


(** I no longer teach online ESL with this company, I teach exclusively on Outschool. It is a superior opportunity and if you want to teach online, check out my review here. )

Gogokid – My Review of Gogokid


Name: Gogokid

Website: gogokid.com

Owners: ByteDance, Zhang Yiming CEO

Overall Rank: 79 out of 100 points

What is Gogokid?

Gogokid is an online ESL (English as a Second Language) company that focuses on delivering specialized one-to-one English lessons to Chinese students. It was founded in 2018 in Beijing, China by a company called ByteDance. ByteDance owns the very popular social media app TikTok. The CEO of ByteDance is Zhang Yiming.

The Chinese students are between the ages of 3 to 12. The classes are 25 minutes long. The classes are based on the Beijing time zone, so if you live in the Western Hemisphere such as North America, you can expect to work very early morning hours or even through the night. It is like other online platforms such as VIPKid and DADA. In fact, its platform is almost the same as VIPKid.

Hiring Process and Pay

Gogokid Hiring Requirements

  • must have a bachelor’s degree
  • access to the internet with a speed of at least 20 MPs
  • be a native English speaker
  • be legally able to work in the US or Canada
  • have at least one year of experience in teaching children (tutoring, teaching, coaching, etc…)
  • a device that can connect to the internet, it is best to have an up-to-date desktop or laptop
  • an HD camera
  • it is helpful to be certified to teach and be certified to teach ESL
  • have a TESOL certificate.
  • headset with a mic for audio

*As of Nov. 1, all teachers on the Gogokid platform, according to new Chinese regulations will be required to have a teaching certificate. This can be in the form of a TESOL / TEFL certificate which is easy to obtain. You can get your TESOL certification here for $19 from International Academy.

Gogokid Hiring Process

Here are the steps that a hiring candidate must go through to get hired at Gogokid.

  1. Sign up with your basic information – you submit your basic information and you must meet the Gogokid hiring requirements to proceed to the next step
  2. Interview with a demo lesson – you will be interviewed and do a 10-minute demo lesson. This part of the process will determine your base rate if you pass. You will get results within 48 hours.
  3. Orientation with training and a mock class-lesson- 2 parts -an orientation and a mock class, you must pass both to proceed to the next step.
  4. Upload all necessary documents –all required documents will need be to upload to proceed.
  5. Sign your contract

Gogokid Pay Structure

Gogokid pays their teachers on the 15th of the month for the previous month of classes taught. They pay their teachers through PayPal. Teachers are independent contractors so they must take care of their own taxes.

Gogokid teachers can expect to make between $14 and $25 per hour. Gogokid does not require a minimum number of hours or classes taught to maintain employment.

Pay Structure Explained:

  • Teachers are paid a base rate per 25-minute class taught. This base rate is between $7 to $10 per class. The base rate is determined during the demo lesson interview and you will know that rate by the time you sign the contract.
  • Additional pay incentives are paid out based on the credit score system. The higher level you are on the credit score level the higher the incentive. You can make up to 125% of your base rate with a credit score of 120 points, the highest level. It is based on 2 things:
  • o the amount of 5-star reviews received from parents
  • o the number of classes taught

The more classes taught, and the more 5-star reviews received will increase the overall hourly rate paid out. You can lose points and have your credit score reduced if you have cancellations, IT issues, no shows, being late, ending class early, or not teaching in accordance with Gogokid standards.

Teachers can make an additional $5 for a Gogokid student that signs up through a trial class.

Teachers are offered a referral incentive to help other applicants get hired as Gogokid teachers.

Tips for Getting Hired

Gogokid wants teachers that are excited about teaching kids. This must be demonstrated during the hiring process to get hired. To pass the interview process, you must demonstrate an appropriate classroom set up for teaching, use props and TPR (total physical response), be prepared, and use appropriate teaching skills.

1. Classroom Setup – You want your online classroom in a well-lit and quiet place. The lighting is very important and Gogokid will be evaluating this during the interview process. You want lighting that faces you in addition to general light in the room you are teaching. Typically, the room light with an additional lamp facing you will be sufficient. Your background needs to be distraction-free and it helps that it looks educational. You want your name displayed “TeacherXX” and the Gogokid logo. It is important that you check your internet connection and computer to ensure a fast and high-quality connection.

2. Props and TPR – It is helpful to have some props available to you. The props should include a whiteboard, puppets or plush animals, cutouts of various items, and some flashcards. It is best to prepare for your demo and mock classes just like a traditional online class. The lesson should determine exactly what props to use. In addition, you need to be familiar with TPR (total physical response). This is using your body, face, and hands to act out what you are teaching. For example, if you are teaching the word “eat” you act as if you are eating something.

3. Be Prepared – As you move through the interview process, it is important to prepare for each stage. For the demo interview and mock class, it is important to read everything Gogokid provides. There are many videos at Gogokid and on YouTube, you can use to help prepare. If you use someone refers a link to apply, ask them for help to prepare. If you use the link on this post, email me and I will be happy to help you get hired. I have helped many candidates get hired as of this post.

4. Use appropriate teaching skills – You will be teaching children English that is not native English speakers. You must use proper teaching techniques during the interview process. This means talking slowly, using props and TPR, limit unnecessary language, and be positive and engaging.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons


  • Set your own schedule
  • The pay is higher than other similar ESL companies
  • Interactive classes that are fun to teach


  • Gogokid can be very strict when it comes to classroom teaching
  • The credit system is difficult to understand.
  • It is too easy to get penalized for things outside your control and lose pay

My Final Thoughts on Gogokid…

Thank you for reading my review of Gogokid. If the Gogokid opportunity sounds right for you, click on the button below and start your application today.

In my opinion, Gogokid is a good company, in many ways it is exactly like VIPKid. I happen to be partial to VIPKid because I have been able to get more bookings and make more money with VIPKid. You can read my full review on VIPKid here.

I have written reviews on DADA and Magic Ears as well. Check out MLD Reviews for information on these ESL companies and online money-making opportunities.

Gogokid at a Glance…

Name: Gogokid

Website: gogokid.com

Owners: ByteDance, Zhang Yiming CEO

Overall Rank: 79 out of 100 points

Gogokid is a good company but be sure to check out my favorite online platform to teach with and make money, click here.

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Work-Life Balance









  • Flexible work hours
  • High base rates on pay
  • Fun classes


  • Strict on teachers
  • Pay credit system difficult to understand

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