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In this Wealthy Affiliate Review, I am going to share with you my experience and why you should be willing to experience the free training on affiliate marketing that Wealthy Affiliate offers everyone. I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate since March 2019. To get right to the point, I have learned more about website design, affiliate marketing, and making money online in a single year than I had learned in the previous twenty years combined. The reason I say this is Wealthy Affiliate is an online training platform that offers training, tools, and support that is second to none in the industry. If you are looking to start a business, make money online, and work from the comfort of your home then you should advantage of the free training on affiliate marketing that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.

Let us explore why however I need you to keep 2 basic things in mind.

1. It is Free to Start – There is no need to use a credit card to join with a Starter Account

2. You will learn what it takes to be successful with an online business.

Wealthy Affiliate at a Glance…

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Website:  www.wealthyaffiliate.com

Owners: Kyle and Carson

Price: FREE (Starter Membership) / $49 per month (Premium Membership- discounts applied if paid yearly)

Overall Rank: 100 out of 100



The Wealthy Affiliate Backstory


In 2005, Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim started Wealthy Affiliate as a keyword database designed to be used for Pay-Per-Click campaigns.

Carson and Kyle already had tremendous success with online marketing so it seemed like a logical move on their part to start a platform to help others create websites that would reach success using the model they used.

Over the years, Wealthy Affiliate has evolved into an online affiliate marketing training platform with countless hours of training materials and a supportive community forum to get relevant questions about affiliate marketing answered.

As Wealthy Affiliate has continued to evolve, Kyle and Carson have added website hosting, website domain acquisition, and many other tools to help just about anyone that wants to start a successful online affiliate marketing business.

Today, Wealthy Affiliate has a 15-year track record of providing people the training, tools, and support to build a successful online business.

Read the Quick Review of Wealthy Affiliate here. 

In Summary:
  • Wealthy Affiliate has been around for about 15 years.
  • The founders, Kyle and Carson, are actively working to help the members of Wealthy Affiliate.
  • Kyle and Carson were already successful and are trying to provide the same resources and tools they used to achieve the same success.

Free Training on Affiliate Marketing

Most people that join Wealthy Affiliate join for the online affiliate marketing training.

The reason many people join Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is that WA offers free training on affiliate marketing.

So, there is no risk to join the platform and the training offered at WA is so vast that it can accommodate almost anyone regardless of learning styles.

The training is easy to follow and understand and if something is difficult to understand all training comes with comment sections where questions can be asked.

The community is very helpful and if questions are asked, members can almost expect instant answers.

The training is offered in a variety of ways, so let us take a closer look.

Major Core Training

When you join, you can join for free with a Starter Account.

The Starter Account includes the 1st course- Online Entrepreneur Certification.

You begin with Level 1 – Getting Started. This is a 10-lesson series that helps teach you the basic concepts of affiliate marketing.

All training including educational materials, usually some reading, and a video narrated by Kyle.


You will have tasks to complete to help give you a hand on experience that will help you retain the things you are learning.

Get Certified

In addition to the Level 1 course, WA provides 5 additional certification courses for Online Entrepreneur Certification.

1. Getting Started

2. Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website

3. Making Money!

4. Mastering Social Engagement

5. Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation


Levels 2 through 5 are for premium members and are set up the same way as level 1.

In addition to Online Entrepreneur Certification program, premium members have complete access to Affiliate Bootcamp which is designed to teach someone almost everything that is necessary to run a business based on affiliate marketing.


You can join and start the free training today.

In Summary:

  • The Online Entrepreneur Certification – Getting Started training is free training on affiliate marketing for people who join WA with a Starter Account.
  • The complete Online Entrepreneur Certification program and Affiliate BootCamp is available to premium members of WA.
  • All formal training is easy to follow and understand and includes educational material, videos, and hands on tasks with a way to ask and get answers to very specific questions that you may have.

Live Training


Aside from the great core training, Wealthy Affiliate offers weekly live classes to help members get up-to-date information and stay engaged on the platform.

The live training always concludes with a live Q & A session for members to ask questions and get up-to-date answers.

Each week members are treated to a different and relevant topics on a wide range of issues that online entrepreneurs may face. The great thing about these training is they are very thorough and there are NO up sells.


All the weekly training is recorded so if you miss the live version, you still can get the training or re-watch it to get additional information that you may have missed.

There are many positive reviews from the members on the Live training.

In Summary:
  • Live Training is available every week to members to get information on a wide variety of topics facing online entrepreneurs.
  • The Live Training includes Q&A session to get specific questions answered
  • Live training does not include any up sells.

Community Support


The training, tools, and support at Wealthy Affiliate are great but the greatest aspect of WA is the positive and supportive community.

The community is a caring and genuine aspect of WA which can be difficult to find on other similar platforms.

Members are eager to help and after you have been a member for some time it feels natural to want to help other.

Members are eager to answer questions and they often provide training on the things they have learned.

I can’t tell you how many times I have had questions about my online business, I ask those questions, and I get answers from multiple members that actually solve a problem or lead me to a new revelation that improves my business.

In Summary:
  • The greatest aspect of WA is its large, helpful, and genuine community.
  • You will be able to find solutions to problems and get ideas on how to improve your business.
  • You will be given the opportunity to give back and help others at WA.

Tools for Success

As with any profession or business, you need tolls to get the work done that you want to be paid for. This is no different from trying to build an online affiliate marketing website and business.

A great benefit for Wealthy Affiliate members is the tools they have access to on the platform. The tools include a keyword research tool (Jaaxy), a website builder (SiteRubix), website hosting, and website domains.

Keyword Research Tool (Jaaxy)

Keywords are very important for almost every aspect of an affiliate marketing campaign whether you are building a website, utilizing social media, or marketing through a video.

You need good keywords to build your niche around and give yourself the greatest opportunity to attract the type of traffic necessary to make money.

With Jaaxy, it is as simple as typing in a keyword and getting instant research on whether that keyword will assist you in attracting visitors to your online offerings.

If you want to build a successful online business, you must start with good keywords.

Website Builder (SiteRubix)

Wealthy Affiliate allows its members to build a fully functional website in only a few minutes with SiteRubix. SiteRubix allows members to build a WordPress site in four very simple steps.


1. Choose what kind of site you want to build (its free).

2. Give a Name to your website.

3. Choose the style and look of your website.

4. Build the website.

With SiteRubix, you can build a WordPress website in under a minute and you do not need any experience with WordPress or any other technical knowledge to do so.

Website Hosting

Wealthy Affiliate offers its members to have their websites hosted on the platform as part of their membership.

If you ever have built or maintained a website of any kind, then you know that finding a good platform to host your site can be very stressful and a hassle.

The hosting at Wealthy Affiliate is very fast, reliable, is integrated with Wealthy Affiliate’s site builder and site domains that you can acquire and keep at Wealthy Affiliate.

Here is what you can expect with hosting at WA:

  • Fully managed
  • Email & forwards
  • Site Health analyzing
  • Website auto login
  • WordPress optimized servers
  • The most secure hosting anywhere
  • Full redundancy
  • Daily backups
  • 24/7 website monitoring

The greatest thing about the hosting at Wealthy Affiliate is that it is completely free to members.

The Site Builder (SiteRubix) and Site Hosting is part of both the Starter and Premium memberships.

  • The Starter Membership includes 1 Free Websites
  • The Premium Membership includes up to 10 Websites.

Website Domains

In addition to the Site Builder and Site Hosting, you can purchase a domain on the Wealthy Affiliate platform and there is no additional up sells of technical issues attached to the purchase.

Purchasing a domain at Wealthy Affiliate is stress free and fits right in with the other tools outlined here.

As a plus, the price of the domains at Wealthy Affiliate are very inexpensive compared to what you will usually see elsewhere.

Look at the following chart.

In Summary:
  • Wealthy Affiliate provides its member with tools that are easy to use and are essential for a successful online business.
  • The tools include an advanced keyword research tool, a Site Builder, website hosting, and the ability to acquire website domains in an easy and affordable way
  • The tools are some of the best that you can find anywhere else.

Wealthy Affiliate Support

The support system within Wealthy Affiliate is rare for an online affiliate marketing training platform.

It is an aspect that makes Wealthy Affiliate something someone should consider regardless of the experience you have with online eCommerce.

When it comes to building any business, people naturally need help.

Many online training platforms have some great training but do not have a way to get specific questions answered and problems solved. You are left to your own devices to figure things out.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you can expect real time help with issues involving your website, affiliate marketing, and a whole host of issues that may be unique to your situation.

The support system consists of Live Help, Private Comments and Messages, Live Q & A sessions, Website Feedback forum, question search and answer, live community chat, and technical help desk.

The Summary:
  • There are many ways at Wealthy Affiliate to get the support and help you need to be successful.
  • The support is delivered in a variety of ways to meet your needs.

My Final Thoughts plus Special Bonus!

Wealthy Affiliate has many great benefits but the greatest it that there are so many people already making money with their online businesses.

It makes good sense to surround yourself with those types of people if you want those types of results. As mentioned throughout this post, it is free to join and there is no pressure to buy anything so there is not anything to lose.

So, what do you think? Continue your current path and continuing to get the same results you already have OR do you want something different?

Join as a starter member, it’s FREE to join and no credit card is required.

Join Wealthy Affiliate, It;s FREE to start the training Today!

Join Today and Claim Your Bonus…

If you join as a starter member today, I will be personally contacting you with a friendly hello and some helpful information on how to get help to get started and how to claim your bonus. Thank you

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Wealthy Affiliate











  • Easy to Follow Training
  • All the Tools You Need
  • Great Support


  • The amount of information can be overwhelming

14 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Review”

  1. wealthy affiliate, it gives me joy when you talk about this platform, wealthy affiliate made who I am today, I started my online business last year, but I got stuck because I was working, and got some couple of advice to take a break, all through that period I was learning and learning, .the good part is that you only go back to what is good which I have done. if you find the blog and you want to make money online, believe it 

  2. This is the most comprehensive review of Wealthy Affiliate I have ever read. The attention to detail is exceptional. I started with the program in March 2020 and it is by far the best program I have ever joined. The training is easy to follow. The community are around to answer your questions 24/7 . And the website you can build in 30 seconds has lots of posts on it.

    Many people will benefit a great deal from this post.

    • Yes, it is easy to build a website in a very short period of time and the community is always very supportive and available on demand. 

  3. This is a great analysis of everything that you can get with a Wealthy Affiliate premium membership. The live classes do look interesting, but having them all timed on Friday nights seems very limiting (this is a challenging time for a lot of schedules). Are there live classes at other times or is this the best way to access them? 

    It’s definitely important to have the right tools to encourage success in a new venture. The research tools and support systems can be super valuable when you’re starting something new!!

    • I can’t usually watch the live classes on Friday either but since they are recorded i will still find time to watch them and I always learn something. 

  4. Hi Marvin, I agree with you in terms of the amount Wealthy Affiliate offers at a flat rate is a lot more that other training providers. There is so much in terms of training, research tool, community and technical support. And you can try the training for free to get a real insight for yourself without committing any money upfront. What more could you ask for? 

  5. Hi Marvin,

    This was a very informative article. It was very thorough and I felt like it covered all of the important aspects of Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve been using the platform for a while and I think agree with most of the stuff. Particularly, the community is a great way to get help for specific problems where you’d be pressed to find anywhere else.

    I especially enjoy the simplicity of the platform such as how everything you need is compiled into one account, like you mentioned. For beginners, this is almost essential because it helps keep the focus on writing content and building out your website.

    Thanks again for this informative article,


  6. I have been at WA for a while now and have always been impressed by what they have to offer. Like many who start with them, the initial free membership was enough to convince me that the full membership was worth it, but you can keep the free membership as long as you want, so is no risk to trying it out. You do a great job of laying it all out here, and reminding me just how much I really do get out of the membership. Two things have always stood out to me. First is a complete lack of upsells. I have yet to encounter that anywhere else. Also, the hosting. Good hosting platforms will charge you not much less than the WA yearly membership, before you even get to all things you actually need, like an email address. Wix, at least, even has a monthly fee to integrate comments onto your blogs. And again, that’s all upsells, things they don’t tell you about until after you’ve bought the hosting.

  7. An awesome re iew you have there on”wealthy affiliate”.

    I am member of wealthy affiliate and one of the things I appreciated most is the community. It is friendly, it makes you feel like you are part of something. They extend a hand of friendship even without you asking, always letting you know that they are there to help in case you need anything. It is amazing.

  8. This review on wealthy affiliate is quite intriguing as it says everything one needs to know about wealthy affiliate and more.setting up WA Kyle and Carson has tremendously contributed immensely to the lives of many and they have changed peoples life for good.
    I really appreciate their efforts and all they have done cos it takes much more effort and Grace to commit to the wellbeing of  Every member of this platform


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