5 Minute Learning Machine Review

Welcome to my 5 Minute Learning Machine Review. Have you asked yourself these types of questions: How can I gain a competitive edge? How can I improve every aspect of my life? How can I improve one aspect of my life that would have a positive impact on all aspects of my life? I am sure you may ponder these types of questions, but I suspect there is something in the way of finding the answers you are looking for. One of those obstacles is usually time.

In this day in age, we are expected to do more with less time but what if I told you that there is a way to improve your cognitive abilities to do more with less time. This is ultimately what the Five-Minute Learning Machine is all about.

The Five-Minute Learning Machine isn’t an actual machine but instead, it is a course that will provide you with proven techniques that can improve your reading speed, memory, problem-solving skills, and vocabulary that can be used to give you a competitive advantage in the global marketplace while at the same type improving every aspect of your life and doing it in a way that will save you one of the most valuable commodities that you have, time. In this review of the 5-Minute Learning Machine, we take a closer look.


5-Minute Learning Machine – Review of 5-Minute Learning Machine

Name:5-Minute Learning Machine

Website: 5minutelearningmachine.com

Price: $47

Owners: Warren Banks

Overall Rank: 87 out of 100 points

What is 5-Minute Learning Machine?


The Five-Minute Learning Machine is an eBook and a membership site created by Warren Banks to help people with learning techniques and advanced study skills.

The purpose is to help people dramatically increase their reading speed, exponentially increase concentration, expand the memory, and be able to perform at a high cognitive level considering any mental challenge such as a test or real-world problem.

The program, eBook and membership, helps people increase their cognitive strength in record speed. It is a program that can help people that have difficulty with memory, bad mental habits, and poor study habits.

How can the 5-Minute Learning Machine help you?


The 5-Minute Learning Machine can help turn your bad memory into a “tape recorder” type memory. It can dramatically increase your reading speed.

You will learn how to read large books and articles in just a few minutes. You will be able to read numbers and understand them in a short period. You will increase your overall vocabulary.

You will improve your ability to speak and write more effectively. These are very important skills especially if you rely on communication to make a living.

Improving reading and writing skills is important especially if you are making an income on the things you communicate (writing, blogging, etc…).


What can you expect from the 5-Minute Learning Machine?


The Five-Minute Learning Machine will teach you:

  • Scanning techniques that you can instantly use to increase the speed of reading Things that used to take hours to read can now be done in a few minutes. Your overall reading speed will increase while being able to remember the things that are important.
  • Improve overall vocabulary. By developing your reading speed and memory, you will gain the vocabulary that you would expect from an Ivy League college grad. You will gain a better understanding of what you read.
  • Improve your cognitive math and computation skills. You will be improving all aspects of your cognitive abilities.
  • Develop a “tape recorder” memory. Not only will you improve your memory of the things you read, but you will improve your memory of the things that people say.
  • Attract people to the things you say or write. By increasing vocabulary and a better understanding of the things you read and hear, you will be able to develop a communication skill that will attract others to the things you say and write.


The great thing about The Five-Minute Learning Machine is that you are investing in an invaluable educational tool that doesn’t require a great financial investment or commitment.

If you order The Five-Minute Learning Machine, you receive the entire program and eBook for a one-time fee of $27. In addition to the main program, you receive some great bonuses as well.



  • Bonus #1 – Advanced Memory Techniques: How to Create Total Recall – This will teach you how to remember entire volumes of material.
  • Bonus#2 – New Advanced Body Language Secrets – This will teach you how to read other people during basic conversations.
  • Bonus#3 – DNA of Success: An Audio Interview with Jack Zufelt – the creator of the best-seller The DNA of Success. Learn the secrets to achieve maximum success in your life.

The program comes with customer support and money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons


  • Warren Banks, the creator, and writer of The Five-Minute Learning Machine is an expert in the field of cognitive learning techniques and memory.
  • The eBook is available to you instantly upon purchase
  • The techniques are supported by research
  • A 60-day money-back guarantee
  • The eBook and program are easy to use and understand


  • It requires work and application to improve all these cognitive skills.

My Final Thoughts on the 5-Minute Learning Machine…

The Five-Minute Learning Machine is a must-have for those you have a real desire to have success in every aspect of life. It is a great guide to improving the one organ that truly matters most, your brain.

If you have issues with reading, memory, or vocabulary, the small investment is well worth it. It is an awesome book! It has helped me, and it can help you.

Learning is special skill and technique and normally takes a long time but with the Five Minute Learning Machine you will acquire skills that you help you retain and communicate important information and save a great deal of time in the future.

It is truly a unique program and there is none like it anywhere. Try it out for yourself.


5-Minute Learning Machine at a Glance…

Name:5-Minute Learning Machine

Website: 5minutelearningmachine.com

Price: $47

Owners: Warren Banks

Overall Rank: 87 out of 100 points


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The 5 Minute Learning Machine


Research based techniques


Easy to use


Easy to understand



  • Expert advice
  • Supported by research
  • Money back quarantee


  • Requires some time and work

13 thoughts on “5 Minute Learning Machine Review”

  1. I think it is a great idea, many people need to improve their skills and the brain is the perfect place to start.

    My question is, what is the difference between the book and the membership website? Do you get both upon buying the book or do you need to purchase them separately?

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Hey! The idea of being to read, write and speak more efficiently is very tempting to me and I am very excited to start working on that as soon as possible. That was something very interesting to learn about today.

    In my own experience, I work in hospitality which as anyone knows, the communications skills are a must and highly valuable, and without them it is very hard to perform at your best. Therefore 5-Minute Learning Machine sounds to be all I was searching for.

    After how much time can I expect to see results on my reading abilities and pace?


    • I spent about 20 minutes a day in the beginning but now I have improved my reading speed, I use it when I need to brush up on the skills.

  3. Just this afternoon I was thinking about how my thinking has gotten slower over the past few years and I wonder if this isn’t going to affect my school work when I’m almost done with college. I think this 5 minute learning technique could just be of some help. The price is quite real good and affordable for something that you could utilise for the rest of your life. Will definitely check this out thank you for an eye opener.

  4. Great article! It sounds like a lot of work for my lazy mind but, my son sure could use it. I should actually give it a shot before I impose it on my son though. Looks like your site works well and you are off to a great start. Looking forward to the many more benefits this site can offer. Thank you and keep it up!

  5. Hi, thanks for that information about the 5 five minute learning Machine. The way you explain the 5 minutes on how it can improve or increase your concentration, memory, problem solving skills and vocabulary it sounds interesting to me since am a student and I will like to be successful in my college. I will really like to try out this 5 minutes learning Machine. Thanks once again

  6. Hi,

    Would this help reading speed in someone with dyslexia?  Have they any stats on the time it takes to work with subjects like this?  I am more interested I the reading so can the program be tailored to suit certain needs or would this be more unique and added cost? 


  7. Hello,
    Thanks for sharing your bog 5 Minute Learning Machine. I have been looking for a learning technique like this for some time. My reading level is fair, so I signed up to get information on how to get started. I like that it is a 60-day trial or money-back guarantee, but I do have a question, Is there information on the cost? I love this concept and can see how it can help many others.

    Best Regards


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