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The internet age has made is very easy to start a business without purchasing or carrying products in large part to affiliate marketing and drop shipping. On my website, I have written about affiliate marketing extensively however in this post I am going to focus on dropshipping and especially the online training course Zero Up. With affiliate marketing, you promote a product and receive a commission when it is sold through your online promotion. With dropshipping, you sell a product at a retail price through an online store and have it shipped directly to the consumer from the supplier. This Zero Up Review looks at what this training can do for you to help you start a dropshipping business.

Zero Up – My Review of Zero Up

Name: Zero Up


Price: 1.99 (Starting from Zero)

Owners: Fred Lam

Overall Rank: 77 out of 100 points


What is Zero Up?


Zero Up is an online training course that is devoted to dropshipping. It provides a process to get started with drop shipping. It was created by Fred Lam and utilizes the Shopify platform.

Zero Up is a training program for aspiring drop shippers and it includes software that you can use to grow your dropshipping business.

With the training and software, you will set up and an online store that is web-ready, have a way to automate the tracking and fulfillment of orders, build an effective sales funnel to attract web traffic and customers, and automate the process to upsell your customers and improve your profits.

Zero Up is for anyone that wants to create and build a successful dropshipping business.

With Zero Up, you will:

  • Quickly create an online Shopify store
  • Utilize a product engine to select from millions of products to sell from
  • Have access to 100% order fulfillment automation
  • Have access to email integration with autoresponder to target customers and reply quickly to customer inquiries
  • Build a powerful sales funnel

The training course consists of 10 modules with videos and resources

  • Module 1 Store Creation
  • Module 2 Inventory Arbitrage
  • Module 3 Turbocharging Your Store
  • Module 4 Building a Powerful Sales Funnel
  • Module 5 Advertising
  • Module 6 Store Managemnet
  • Module 7 Web Traffic
  • Module 8 Zero Up Jewels
  • Module 9 Weekly Boot camp
  • Module 10 Zero Up Bonuses

Who is Fred Lam?

Fred Lam was a dishwasher that became a very successful online “serial” entrepreneur. He has developed training courses and software that has many of his students earn six-figure incomes.

He was the youngest Marketing Manager for BMW Canada. He has been the CEO of many multi-million dollar businesses.

He is an award-winning marketer and entrepreneur. He has a very good reputation in the online drop shipping industry.

Is Zero Up a Scam?

The simple answer is No. Zero Up is a comprehensive online training course that will assist you in creating and developing a very successful online business.

The one downside is the cost which I will discuss in this post. If you want to learn more about Zero Up without the large investment get a copy of Fred Lam’s audiobook Starting from Zero for just $1.99 or If you are looking for an inexpensive alternative then check out my number one recommendation for getting started with an online business.

Fred Lam is a very good reputation and the program lives up to his name.

Zero Up: Let’s Take A Closer Look

Zero Up includes over 100 training videos which amount to close to 50 hours of training on dropshipping in addition to the ZeroUp software to get your business up and running. The training modules are as follows:

Module 1 Store Creation


  • Here you will there all the nuts and bolts about dropshipping. He gives suggestions on niche selection.
  • He discusses the importance of business structure through the proper legal framework. He discusses purchasing a domain as well as branding your store.
  • He guides you through setting up your Shopify store and introduces you to the Zero Up software.


Module 2 Inventory Arbitrage

  • This is an introduction to the dropshipping business model. He shows you where to find suppliers and products.
  • He shows you how to utilize the software to find advertisements for your products. He shares with you a list of “Top Selling” products to consider.
  • He discusses how to increase perceived value, utilize proper pricing strategies, and how to properly utilize product descriptions.



Module 3 Turbo-Charging Your Store


  • This is an introduction to the use of apps that can increase web traffic and customer interest.
  • He goes into detail about sales funnels and which software apps are helpful for this part of the business.




Module 4 Creating a Sales Funnel


  • Fred emphasizes the importance of sales funnels and introduces you to more features of the Zero Up software such as The Funnel Builder and The Profit Multiplier.
  • These features are very valuable and useful and almost makes the investment in Zero Up completely worth it alone. Fred focuses on increasing your average order value (AOV).



Module 5 Advertising Your Store


  • The focus here is on social media and especially Facebook.
  • You will learn all the ins and outs of Facebook advertising. He goes into detail on how to scale your ads. This module is outstanding and the information is very valuable.

Module 6 Store Management


  • The focus in this module is a daily routine, addressing customer issues, and dealing with customer refunds.




Module 7 Traffic Genius


  • This is a focused course on Google and Bing Ads. The Bing Ad information is unique and valuable and makes the investment worthwhile as well.





Module 8 – Zero Up Jewels

  • The description is in the name.

Module 9 – Weekly Boot camp

  • This is a weekly training session for all Zero Up members from Fred himself.

Module 10 – Bonus Training

  • The focus is primarily on managing email marketing and other influencers. There are some real knowledge nuggets here for Zero Up members.

How much does Zero Up cost?

Zero Up is not a cheap program.

You can get the entire program for about $1600. (You can pay a one-time payment of $1497 or 3 payments of $597).

The value of the program including training, software, and bonuses is valued over $30,000 so you are getting a good value for your investment.



Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons


  • Choose your own niche and sell what interests you.
  • You don’t need any experience to be successful with this program
  • The software automates most processes that are inherited with drop shipping
  • It comes with effective tools to assist you with social media, especially Facebook Ads
  • The program helps with autoresponders for email inquiry which is very important in the dropshipping business.
  • No need to buy a product or carry inventory
  • You are buying a legitimate online business model with comprehensive training and software.


  • The information could be overwhelming if you are new to eCommerce
  • Some of the information found within Zero Up can be found for free online.
  • It relies heavily on Shopify which limits other online marketplaces such as Amazon.
  • Dropshipping is a very competitive business.
  • The cost

As you can tell from my review, I am neither endorsing nor disapproving of Zero Up. It really depends on you and what you are trying to do.

If you are wanting to get into the dropshipping business, this good training, and information.

My Final Thoughts on Zero Up

I believe that Zero Up is a very good training program if you are interested in dropshipping. The fact that is comes with software that will allow you to hit the ground running make it a real value despite the high cost to purchase it.

It is worth the investment? Well, you will have to decide that for yourself. I hope this review of Zero Up has been helpful to you. If you want more information on Zero Up then check out Starting from Zero with Fred Lam.

Zero Up at a Glance…

Name: Zero Up


Price: 1.99 (Starting from Zero)

Owners: Fred Lam

Overall Rank: 77 out of 100 points



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Zero Up






Effective Social Media Tools



  • Excellent Training
  • Very Good Software
  • Effective Tools


  • Product limitations
  • Some outdated information

18 thoughts on “Zero Up Review”

  1. I was fascinated to find your article about Zero Up on the internet.  It looks like an interesting and potentially very profitable business model that I a tempted by.  I have a couple of queries. 

    Do you recommend this as a business model that you might follow if you already own a small retailer and you want to “go global” or is this really intended for entrepreneurs who want to start from scratch?  Are you aware of any statistics of the success rate with the “zero-up” approach?  As well as the training course of $1497, is there an ongoing charge?  Or can you transfer your site to another server?

    How do businesses manage refunds?  I ask because I am interested in Affiliate Marketing but in this example, it seems that you are providing a shop.  Its to you that refunds, and I imagine complaints will arrive too.  So how is that managed through Zero UP?

    • Good questions. Fred Lam is showing his students how to set up a Shopify online store, so I am not sure how that could be integrated with an existing business. It’s something worth looking into if this situation applies to you. He claims a 90% success rate but I haven’t been able to verify this. Like with all things business, success is usually up to the individual. The $1497 is a one time purchase. He discusses and trains one a number of things you have brought up such as domains and customer refunds. The link I shared in this post is for Fred Lam’s audio book Starting from Zero. In the audio book, he touches on many of the topics and questions you have raised. I hope this helps.

  2. First of all thank you so much for sharing this beautiful article with us, I think it is very useful to many like me. Heard about Zero Up but couldn’t figure out how to work on it. Having learned through your articles, I am interested in learning and working Zero Up. I’m inspired by Fred Lam, I’ll be training drop shipping on Zero Up and following the training modules.
    Can I share this article through my social media ? Hope your article helps other people.

  3. I’m so happy I found this article about Zero Up’s online training course. Not too many such platforms can be credited with setting up an online store that is web ready and that has a way to automate the tracking and fulfillment of orders, build an effective sales funnel to attract web traffic and customers, and automate the process to up sell your customers and improve your profits.
    Truly, with the fact that the program comes with software, I think I can highly recommend Zero Up as a worthy training program that will be worth the cost.
    Thanks again for this wonderful article!

  4. Thanks a lot for this thorough review. There are definitely plenty of opportunities out there to make money online, that is for sure. Reviews like yours to find the good ones are a great tool for people interested to start a online business. I have been reading quite a few recommendations to set up a business with drop shipping lately. Like you said, the price is quite firm though to set yourself up. What happens after the training? Is there still a support network to helps you out? Are there cost after the course is finished? I have started building out my business and website a couple of months ago with Wealthy Affiliate and I have never looked back, I could definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested to work hard to build success online. Working as an affiliate marketer gives you the opportunity to work with the niche you are passionate about what makes work fun! However, dropshipping sounds like something interesting  in for the future for me. Thank you for sharing your research and knowledge, I appreciate it. Best wishes Jude

  5. Thank you for writing such a detailed and informative article. I’m a real newbie to internet marketing, so this was a super-useful piece of information, and it planted a seed in my mind to consider this in the future! I’ve only started with affiliate marketing, through the brilliant Wealthy Affiliate marketing platform, and I want to devote a lot of time to their training first. But drop shipping could be something for the future. I’d like to ask you a question about that system:
    From your description, I understood that to start my drop shipping business, I’d first have to buy a certain number of products at a wholesale price, and sell it from my online store at a retail price. But where are these products stored, and who ships them on my behalf? Many thanks for your clarification and thanks again for this insightful and motivating article.

    • You don’t buy any products. You may want to re-read the post. You carry no inventory. The customer orders from your online store and it is shipped directly from the supplier to the customer. Fred Lam shares a list of suppliers you can utilize in Zero Up. 

      • Thank you for your clarification. I have re-read your article, but I have to admit I am still not 100% sure about the exact process. I have listed the steps how I understand it – please correct me if I’m wrong:

        1) I advertise the third-party products on my website
        2) The customer places the order and pays me the retail price
        3) The order is forwarded to the third party who then ships the products to the customer
        4) Only after all this (after I made the sale and after the order is shipped) I will pay the wholesale price to the third party (and thus make money by keeping the difference between the retail and wholesale )
        I hope I got this right this time..;)
        Thank you for your help – I am more and more interested in this model, and would like to fully grasp the process. Thanks again for your inspiring article!

  6. Zero Up doesn’t seem like a scam, and It’s the kind of business that would keep a person from having to store products. The program appears to be very expensive. Is it one of those programs that will offer training and not live up to training people on how to use the program? Dropshipping is something I’m not interested at this time. I appreciate your sharing this information. Thanks a Bunch.

    • It is very good training if drop shipping is something you want to consider for your online business. Dropshipping and Affiliate Marketing are very similar. I recommend Wealthy Affiliate for affiliate marketing. Yes, Zero Up is very pricey (it is one of the cons I listed) but it is good training. 

  7. I had never heard of Zero Up before. I am familiar with more traditional drop ship models though. A web based model seems a lot more efficient.

    This seems like a good training program if one has interest in dropshipping. Fifty (50) hours of training should prepare a person to be able to start and build a business such as this. 

    Even though the price is on the high side, the amount of training seems to justify it especially if it is successfully applied. Thanks for providing the information in this review. Very informative and helpful. All the Best.

  8. Thank you for this thorough and detailed review of Zero Up. Dropshipping is an exciting growth industry at the moment and there are a lot of different platforms offering training, support and so on. This does seem like a legitimate opportunity but the cost is eye-wateringly high and so I think I will continue to look for other opportunities. Thanks again.

  9. Thank you for bringing attention to this excellent (although pricey) course.  I think I would definitely go for the book rather than the course although I am sure there is much more to glean through the course.  I am still balked by the idea that you can only use Shopify when there are many other drop shipping options out there.  All in all, a good course if you can invest that much.

  10. I’m new to ecommerce but I will not let this deter me from really benefitting from such a comprehensive platform like this that can help to change my story. It is directly linked with making money and also having a detailed tutorial on how to do it. Also, Fred lam seems to be perfect at what he does and on this note, I feel he can be trusted and folledm thanks


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