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Wealthy Affiliate training on affiliate marketing is a tremendous value.

First, you can get some free training on affiliate marketing with Wealthy Affiliate through the Starter membership.

If you step up to a Premium membership, the training you will find at Wealthy Affiliate (WA) will be immense and almost overwhelming.

It is up-to-date and is covers every aspect affiliate marketing and almost every other aspect of online commerce.

The training is easy to follow and understand.

It typically follows the same format throughout to help the memberships can get the information they need to build a successful online business.

The formal training is delivered in modules and can be found under two courses: The Online Entrepreneur Certification and Affiliate Bootcamp.

The format of the lessons includes reading material, informative video narrated by one of the founders (usually Kyle), tasks, and a discussion board is provided to ask questions and get up-to-date information.

Here is example of what to expect in the lessons:

Informative Video

Tasks to be completed to complete lesson

Discussion Board to ask questions about the lesson

Now you have some ideal what to expect from the training, let us take a closer look at the training course and the other types of training you will find at Wealthy Affiliate.


Wealthy Affiliate at a Glance…


Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Website: www.wealthyaffiliate.com

Owners: Kyle and Carson

Price: FREE (Starter Membership) / $49 per month (Premium Membership- discounts applied if paid yearly)

Overall Rank: 100 out of 100


The Online Entrepreneur Certification

The purpose of the Online Entrepreneur Certification program is for individuals that want to start an affiliate marketing business where you will be marketing product and services for which you have an interest, passion, or expertise.

Here is Quick Look at what that looks like:

This is a good place to start especially if you have limited to no experience with affiliate marketing.

This course consists of 50 lessons (5 modules with 10 lessons each).

The first module of 10 lessons is free for individuals that sign up for the starter membership.

The Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) program is designed to take an individual that has no experience with affiliate marketing and equip them with enough understanding to start and build a successful online affiliate marketing business.

Affiliate Bootcamp

This course is focused on selling “affiliate marketing” as a niche. The focus of this course allows members to learn how to promote Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate has a lucrative affiliate program that members can benefit from.

Of course, the techniques that are taught and learned in the Affiliate Bootcamp program can be applied to promoting and marketing other online products as well.

This course consists of 70 lessons (7 modules with 10 lessons each) and will cover every aspect of marketing the niche of “affiliate marketing” and anything that is related.

Just like with OEC program, starter members have access to the 1st module and the rest of the c course can be accessed through the premium membership.

The lessons follow the same format as the OEC, so it is very easy to follow and understand.

Here are some examples of what to expect

The Course briefly:

You will be completing tasks and the course is self-paced as is all the other training materials.

There is always a discussion board and the founders (Kyle and Carson) are known for answering questions along with all the other WA members.

Upon completing this course, you will have a firm foundation for building a long-term online business.

Wealthy Affiliate provides many incentives for promoting the Wealth Affiliate platform.

Here is the compensation structure.

WA members that promote and help sell over 300 memberships can expect an additional award as well. Check it out.

Live Training

In addition to the formal training that has been posted here, WA offers weekly Live Training webinars with engaging and up-to-date information.

The weekly topics that are covered vary week to week but are designed to give members the latest and greatest information available on affiliate marketing and online commerce.

These events are weekly, and they always end with a very informative question and answer session to meet the very specific needs of the community members.

Here is what the training calendar looks like.

You can participate when the training is live, or you can watch the training later because they are always recorded.

Even if you watch a recorded webinar, you can still get questions about that training through the discussion boards that are always available with each training session.

The Live training are free with the membership and there are no up sells involved.

Community Members Training

This aspect of Wealthy Affiliate makes the platform unique. Community members are allowed and encouraged to make training of their own that is shared with the other community members.

These training usually address a wide range of specific topics. I have found many of these training to be useful especially of the technical side of building and managing a website.

Now, if you are knowledgeable or experienced in certain aspect of affiliate or online marketing you can create, share, and be compensated for providing training.

The more popular a training is the higher the rank of the community member and higher possibility of earnings.

Of course, community member training is monitored for spamming since spamming is strictly prohibited on the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

My Final Thoughts on Wealthy Affiliate Training…

As you can see, the training at Wealthy Affiliate is comprehensive and immense in material.

The great thing about the training is that it is up to date, engaging, delivered in a variety of methods, and meets the needs of the members regardless of learning style or experience with the material being presented.

Whether a member needs a basic overview or specific details, the information can be found within the training at Wealthy Affiliate.

The training alone makes the premium membership a real value but with Wealthy Affiliate you can start the training for free. Sign up for an account and you can start the training today.

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  • Great Tools
  • Community Support


  • Almost too much information

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  1. As an entrepreneur I have venture into several online businesses.but, This is the best online platform where anyone with little or no knowledge on online business can excel. it offers free training programs that equips one with requisite information for going into any online business.

    Thanks for sharing this post with me.

  2. Hello there, if I had seen this post five years ago, my life would have been on a different and better direction now, its just the chinese proverb that says the best time to plant a tree was ten years ago, the second best time is now, I followed this proverb and I signed up on wealthy affiliate some months ago and I can’t explain how alot have change for me. Thanks to my friend Sheddy for introducing me to wealthy affiliate.

    thanks for posting this, I hope it meets someone well.

  3. Hello dear, thanks for sharing these information with us, I was searching online when I saw your post about wealthy affiliate, I believe these program is one of the best at large, after going through your article I believe I have been enlightened more, I will surely do some recommendations, thanks for the info

  4. Wealthy affiliate has been one of the most trusted affiliate marketing platform that I have come across over the years that I have offers what they tell you they offer… Kyle and carson the founders of wealthy affiliate did put everything needed to give the best affiliate trainings anyone requires to make it big in affiliate marketing…so you can join us now at wealthy affiliate…

  5. Helooo,, I must say thanks for sharing this article to the members of the public, affiliate marketing has really been a major interest to so many out there. Basically I have been a member of Wealthy Affiiliate for quite some time and of a truth, the experience has been an awesome one. I have learnt a whole lot of things on Affiliate Marketting. 

    Wealthy Affiiliate has so many amazing qualities, their free starter membership is really cool. 

    welathy Affiiliate is one of the most reliable platform I have seen.

  6. Hello there, nice review you have there on ” wealthy affiliate free training on affiliate marketing”.

    I must confess that the trainings offered here on wealthy affiliate are really good. I am a member of wealthy affiliate and I knew nothing about affiliate program when I joined but the training helped me to where I am today in affiliate marketing. Thanks.


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