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Wealthy Affiliate offers the best tools for affiliate marketing and they are free for you to try. Proper training is important the build a successful online affiliate marketing business. Equally, important are the tools available the affiliate marketers the build the online business. Affiliate marketers must have the right tools and know how the use them if they want the make money. The right tools are necessary to do a good job and build a successful business. A Wealthy Affiliate membership gives members the tools they need the build a successful affiliate marketing business. The tools are easy the use and there is no need for technical experience the use them. Let us take a closer look at the Wealthy Affiliate Tools.

Wealthy Affiliate at a Glance…


Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Website: www.wealthyaffiliate.com

Owners: Kyle and Carson

Price: FREE (Starter Membership) / $49 per month (Premium Membership- discounts applied if paid yearly)

Overall Rank: 100 out of 100


Keyword Research Tool (Jaaxy)


Successful affiliate marketing is based upon marketing a specific niche.

So, affiliate marketing is niche marketing which relies on the use of keywords that are used for online searches by the people seeking out information on those specific interests.

Affiliate marketers that are utilizing a website must ensure that their posts and pages are seeded with profitable keywords so potential customers can find the website and eventually the offerings.

Proper keywords are important if you want your website, post, and pages are the have a real chance of getting ranked on Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

The great thing about keywords are there so many no matter the niche that is being marketed.

In order the discover the right keywords, affiliate marketers must the have a keyword research tool and Wealthy Affiliate provides one for its members, Jaaxy.

Jaaxy is a great tool for getting insight into what people are looking for on Google, Bing, and Yahoo in specific niches.

Jaaxy is

  • easy the use and understand.
  • better than most keyword research tools you will find on other platforms
  • a great way the find additional keywords that are being used in searches and their effectiveness

Here is a screen shot of what they expect with a search on Jaaxy.

Notice how easy it is the get quality information about keywords.

Jaaxy shows users

1. how many times a keyword is search over a month

2. how many other websites are being ranked with that keyword

3. other similar keywords which could give you additional ideals for keywords

4. how much traffic that can be expected with a ranking based on the specific keyword

5. other possible niche ideals

6. possible profitable domain names based on specific keywords

7. profitability of specific niches

8. their site and post rankings

and so much more

Give it a try for free


Website Builder (SiteRubix)

Wealthy Affiliate provides it members with an easy the use website builder that allow anyone regardless of technical experience or background the build a fully functional website in a matter of a few minutes.

The website builder is called SiteRubix. All members have access the SiteRubix.

Starter Members – receive one fully functional free website on a siterubix.com domain.

Premium Members – receive ten fully functional websites that are a combination of siterubix.com and your own domains.

It takes four easy steps the build a fully functional website.
  1. Choose a domain name – Hopefully, something that is related your niche.
  2. Choose a title for your website – Hopefully, something that is related your niche, also.
  3. Chose a website design – These are easy the use WordPress themes.
  4. Click “Build this Site”

It takes 30 seconds and you have a website ready the build and begin your affiliate marketing business.

The benefits of SiteRubix are as follows:

1. Access the secure WordPress hosting

2. Ability the build a fully functional WordPress site in a few minutes

3. It takes four easy the follow steps the build a website.

4. Easy access the template for writing content

5. Security and regular backups

6. Email address specific per the website you build.

7. Around the clock technical support 7 days a week/ 365 days per year

8. Access the WordPress theme and 1000s of themes with a premium membership

Website Domains

Wealthy Affiliate members are able the research and purchase domains on the platform. There is no need the go anywhere else the purchase a domain. The pricing for domains is very competitive, look.

It is very convenient the purchase a domain, build a website, and have it hosted all in one place.

If you have purchased a domain from another platform, it is easy the transfer it the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

You can easily search for a domain name, buy it, have it registered the you for one year, and start building the website.


The benefits of Site Domains at Wealthy Affiliate

1. Easy the purchase domains

2. You do not need any technical experience.

3. Quick and easy transfer process for domains purchased outside of WA

4. The domain tool works well with the other tools that are available at WA

Website Hosting

Wealthy Affiliate provides its members with hosting services. This makes it easy the put a website together and keep it running with the latest in technology.

Here is a snapshot of what they expect with WA Hosting.

The benefits of WA Hosting are as follows:

1. Smooth integration with your SiteRubix website

2. The latest in technology and security with WAs servers

3. Enhanced for WordPress Hosting

4. Hosting for numerous domains

5. Hosting for up to 10 websites for you

6. Plenty of website space

7. Plenty of bandwidth the accommodate up to 500k visitors each month

8. Limitless data transfer

9. Very fast caching

10. Automatic daily backups

11. Around the clock website monitoring

12. Spam blocker

13. and much more

My Final Thoughts on Wealthy Affiliate Tools…

If Wealthy Affiliate only offered the web tools listed in this post than Wealthy Affiliate would be a tremendous bargain at the price of the premium membership.

However, premium members get unlimited access these wonderful tools along with a tremendous training package. I outline the training here.

The bottom line with Wealthy Affiliate and the tools they offer you can build and maintain a fully functional website that can be monetized from day one of your membership.

If you sign up for a Starter Membership, you can build a free website and try these tools out without any risk. It is indeed a tremendous value.


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  • Excellent Training
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  1. my question is can wealth affiliate tools create a website where you invest more and gain in a lower fund.

    question 2 can these tools make website like wealthy affiliate,and do you pay to get registered.

    question 3 is it acceptable to use this tools and also comment on wealthy affiliate website.

  2. Hello there! Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece of information with us. I will forever be grateful to the person that introduced wealthy affiliate to me. he took me on a life changing mission. Wealthy affiliate remains the best affiliate program I’ve ever known of. Thanks for the tips you shared on affiliate marketing, I’ll further use it to develop my wealthy affiliate. Thank you very much…

  3. so thoughtful of you to share search and informative review on wealthy affiliate best tool for online affiliate marketing.. wealthy affiliate in deed provides the best to needed for every online affiliate marketer to strive successfully in achieving job market aim..

    I so much appreciate your effort for sharing such an intriguing review and look forward to share it

  4. Thanks alot for this wonderful and informative piece on wealthy Affiliate tools….. It was indeed helpful to me as I recently joined the wealthy Affiliate platform and I’m still trying to understand how it works and all that…this article has given me an insight.. I’m very excited I stumbled on this…. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your post.

  5. Heloo there, a big thanks to you for sharing this insightful and unbiased review on Wealthy affiliate the best tolll for affiiliate marketing. I have been a member bof wealthy affiliate for a while now, i must say that the experience has been amazing. It’s one the most reliable and effective platform I have seen so far. Anyways I really think it’s the best tool for affiiliate marketing, I would definitely recommend it to anyone. 

  6. A real deep dive into SiteRubix. A great read. I always love to read reviews on Siterubix. I moved all my sites to siterubix hosting that I had before. I got rid of all the spam I got when hosted on the previous one and I got much better support. I am now in a process to move all my domains over as well. It only cost about $13 -$14 to do so. The reason for this was that Siterubix can offer me so much more. In addition to having a secure hosting and spam free I get a lot of training with Wealthy Affiliate.. I could not have monetized my website withouth this training. Othetr proverders have some trainings, but often not good enough and they upsell a lot of tools you need to get going. With WA there is no upsell.You know what you get. You get a premium membership with training and tools included. No upsells to keep going. Before I had to pay just for getting technical support. Now I get 24/7 support with the Premium membership. I have not had any problems with speed or sitehealth . And if that is not all You can actually promote Siterubix and wealthy Affiliate and earn money. With Premium membership you get limitless training and much better commissions on promoting Siterubix and WA. I do not know anyone else out there who do this. You can start without anything and work your way up.


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