VIPKid Qualifications, Application, and Hiring Process

Here is what is necessary to qualify for VIPKid online teaching. In order to become a VIPKid teacher you must meet these qualifications.

Please read the entire post and if you still have questions leave them in the comments below and they will get answered. Be sure to read what it takes to successfully fill out the application towards the end of this post.

The Qualifications


Currently, to apply to VIPKID you must meet three qualifications:

1. A Bachelor’s degree (or higher) in any field

2. Be eligible to work in the United States or Canada

3. At least 1 year of teaching experience (includes homeschooling, tutoring, coaching, mentoring or other life experiences)


*As of Nov. 1, all teachers on the VIPKid platform, according to new Chinese regulations will be required to have a teaching certificate. This can be in the form of a TESOL / TEFL certificate which is easy to obtain. You can get your TESOL certification here for $19 from International Academy.

The Teaching Experience (You don’t have to be a traditional teacher to do this!!!)


The teaching experience can be in almost anything which includes but not limited to homeschooling, tutoring, coaching, mentoring or other life experiences.

A teaching background is a plus and the more actual teaching experience you have the more money you could make. A certification in ESL is preferred but not necessary to get the job.

Experience with K through 12 education is preferred but not required as well. If you are not a certified teacher, you will be required to take a TESOL certification course (through VIPKid and no charge to the hiring candidate) before you sign your contract.

English Speaker

You must be a native English speaker with a North American accent, and you must be fluent. The North American accent is not an absolute requirement, but accent is one of the things that is evaluated on the demo lesson.

Do You Qualify?

If you meet the three qualifications listed above and you can work with children, you are a candidate for hire at VIPKid. The application is designed to see with you meet the basic requirements and the remainder of the hiring process is designed to see if you can have a fun and engaging online classroom with a focus on students learning English.

But I’m NOT American or Canadian, Can I apply?

VIPKid teachers live all over the world and VIPKid does hire people of other nationalities however you must:

Be eligible to work in the US or Canada

Eligibility can entail citizenship, a green card, or work visa. You must be eligible to work in the US or Canada, but you don’t have to live there.

VIPKid is offering American English to parents, so that is what must be taught. This is the reason for the requirement,

If you are interested in teaching English online and don’t meet this requirement, there are many ESL companies that available to you, go here to check them out.

Successfully Completing the Application


Filling out the application is a pass or fail. The application must be filled out a certain way to get a pass. Continue to read to find out how it must be filled out in order to pass.

  • Re-read the qualifications above to make sure you qualify

Then fill out the application this way:

1. Full name

2. Gender

3. Current address and time zone

4. Highest level of education – *****You must have least a bachelor’s degree****

5. Phone Number

6. Languages you are fluent in – *****Select English First ******

7. Experience with K-12 curriculum – preferred but not essential *experience as a student should be checked at the least*

8. Teaching Experience ****You must check 1 year or more****

****These items must be filled in this way or your application will fail****

Once you have completed the application, you will be asked to book a demo time slot. I recommend waiting until you have time to work some with your referring teacher on preparing for this important phase of the hiring process.

Click **I prefer to read the preparation materials before booking***

This will give you time to look over the preparation materials, decide which demo option is best for you, and consult your referring teacher for help through the demo phase of the interview process.

More on being a VIPKid teacher

What Next


Go here to read about the Hiring Process

Go here to read about the Demo Phase

Interested in Working for VIPKid

Click on the VIPKid Application Link

Already applied but you haven’t completed the certification process?

You can add my referral code: 1. Go to the VIPKid website 2. click on “My account” 3. add Referral Code: MARVI0003

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  1. When I was trying to work online in the past, I had already tried to see if there is a possibility to teach online but I didn’t get the right platform. Right now that there is isolation around the globe will be just the perfect time to get all this working and start doing some really good teaching. Yes I do tick for all the qualifications here. I’ll remember to be under your referral. Thanks!

  2. Wow! Thanks so much for sharing this very helpful guide as to how best it is possible to go through the registration process of the vip kid and this is great. I have been trying to get into this and they kept rejecting me because I lack the TEFL certificate yet. However, I have got it now and will follow this to register and hopefully, I will be lucky this time

    • Most of the time you don;t need the certificate up front as long as you have teaching experience. You will be required to the the TESOL before you teach students.

  3. I must thank you for such a resourceful post. your website is great also and i love it.

    I have applied on VIPKID before and i was not hired. it was surprising because i believed that i met all the requirements. i did not know why the decision was made but then i had to move on. i might try again if i get the opportunity

  4. Its quite an easy job offer with less demanding qualification. But in everything mentioned in the article I couldn’t get to see their average monthly salary so sm curious to know what is the salary of vipkid tutor??? Will it be good enough to enable one relocate to the states I believe that is what everyone would love to know before applying for the job

  5. When you say “You don’t have to be a traditional teacher to do this!!!”, it resonates with me.

    We’re living in a digital age, I don’t think a college degree or certification matters much anymore. It’s all about how much values you can provide to customers because I think people are getting paid by their values, not their time.

    Your article has a thorough explanation of the requirements and the step-by-step guide to applying to be a VIPKid teacher. I’m glad I found this because it’s like there’s another new business opportunity that I could try!

  6. Hi! I’m very happy that I meet the three qualifications. And it’s nice to hear that even though I’m not American nor Canadian, I can still take a VIPKid job. I’m Italian but I can work in the United States.

    I appreciate these tips for successfully completing the application. Thank you for the one concerning teaching experience.

  7. I’m curious to learn more about this English teaching opportunity. It may come handy if the school decides to close indefinitely due to the virus outbreak. There are a lot of positive reviews about the VIPKid program and I’m pretty sure it has some kind of affiliate program although I can’t seem to locate an official page. Do you know how much it pays for a referral? Thank you. 

  8. The requirements does not seem to be that demanding and i think it is fair enough.

    as long there there is eligibility to work in the US or in canada, then it is possible to get hired and this is one really great source of income. i am going to give it a try and i hope to get hired. thank you for this awesom post


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