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The whole purpose of taking a job or starting a business is to make money. If you are interested in VIPKid, then you are looking to get paid. How does it work? I am glad you asked so let’s discuss it. VIPKid is an online ESL company. Teaching English online is a relatively new and growing industry and there are many companies that are doing exactly what VIPKid is doing, however VIPKid pays pretty good compared to the rest of the industry so the following are the details. The bottom line is that VIPKid pays well and whether you are looking for a side job or a full-time job, you should consider applying.

The Pay

VIPKid is a pretty good paying job for an online work at home opportunity. Most teachers at VIPKid make around $20 per hour.

Pay is dependent on teaching a class that is 25 to 28 minutes long and the more classes that are taught the money that can be made. Typically, a VIPKid teacher teaches two 25-minute classes per hour. A scheduled class at VIPKid is called a booking, so the more bookings a teacher gets the more money that can be made.

Here is a short video that helps explain the pay structure at VIPKid

Teachers at VIPKid are considered independent contractors. So, there are no additional benefits with the pay and teachers must keep track of their own taxes.

Here is a chart explaining the VIPKid pay plan (in US dollars)

So, teachers get a base rate per 25-minute class which they are paid for the full 30 minutes. This base rate is determined during the hiring process and specially during the demo phase of the hiring process. Go here to read about VIPKid’s Hiring Process and go here to read about the Demo phase of the hiring process. The base rate is the result of two factors: your experience teaching and your performance during the Demo lesson. VIPKid teachers are paid between $7 to $9 per class and since teachers usually teach two classes per hour, they are paid $14 to $18 per hour.

The base rate is determined by VIPKid after a hiring candidate passes the Demo lesson of the hiring process. Here is a chart that explains how the base rate is determined.

There are two ways to increase those rates: starting and finishing a class as scheduled and teaching over 30 to 45 classes per month.

If the teacher starts a class on time and finishes after the 25-28-minute mark (finishes the class as scheduled) the teacher is given an additional dollar for that class, so the pay range for the class moves from $7/$9 per class to $8 /$10 per class.

Furthermore, if a teacher teaches more than 30 classes in a given month, the teacher is awarded an additional $0.50 per class and if the teacher teaches more than 45 classes in a given month, the teacher is awarded an additional $1.00 per class.

For example, a teacher has a starting rate of $7 per class and teaches 45 classes (this amounts to working about 5 hours per week) in a given month. All the classes taught are started on time and finish as scheduled. The teacher would make over $400 for that month before taxes.

Incentives and Bonuses

In addition to the pay structure, VIPKid offers additional bonuses and incentives for making additional money. Booking classes at certain times can result in bonuses when offered by VIPKid. VIPKid pays extra ($2 per class) for teaching a Short Notice class (a class booked within 24 hours of being taught). VIPKid pays $5 extra if a teacher teaches a trial class (a free class taken by a prospective VIPKid student) and the student signs up for actual classes.

VIPKid pays its teachers for referring new teachers once those new teachers begin teaching.

This chart breaks down the extra incentives and bonuses


The pay a teacher can expect from VIPKid is pretty good for the industry but there are some downsides. VIPKid will deduct pay if a scheduled class isn’t finished as scheduled and it is the teacher’s fault. Deductions in pay result if a teacher doesn’t show for class or cancels. The deductions for cancellations vary on the time of the cancellation and the type. If a trial student doesn’t show for a trial class or has an IT problem, the teacher only gets half pay for that class.

The following chart explains the deductions in more detail.


VIPKid is very strict about cancellations but this isn’t unusual in the industry. Most online English language learning companies have strict policies about teacher no shows or cancellations. It is important that when a VIPKid teacher sets up a schedule that they know they will be available if the classes are booked.

The VIPKid policy is that if a teacher gets more than six ‘cancellations’ (3 to 6 days of classes), the teacher’s contract may be terminated. A cancellation is when a teacher cancels a class after a student has booked it.

If there is a true emergency, VIPKid can be more understanding but the teacher will have to produce documentation that a true emergency occurred.

The following chart helps explain the VIPKid cancellation policy.

Final Thought

Well, there you have it. A complete explanation of VIPKid’s pay structure, bonuses and incentives, deductions, and cancellations.

VIPKid pays its teachers between $18 to $22 per hour and most teachers make around $20 per hour. A teacher can make around $800 per month just working 10 hours per week or can make around $4000 working full time or even more.

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