Top 10 VIPKid Facebook Groups

VIPKid is the largest ESL company in the world. This post highlights the top 10 VIPKid Facebook groups you should belong to if you are a VIPKid teacher.

Currently, VIPKid utilizes over 80,000 teachers and serves over 600,000 students With that many teachers and that many students, it is easy to see that there would be a wide variety of needs for both.

Many VIPKid teachers are currently utilizing various Facebook groups to meet many of these needs, get answers to questions, and solutions to problems.

If you are a VIPKid teacher, you should consider joining some of these groups if you have not done so.

VIPKid Facebook groups are usually closed to protect the copyrighted material that is often discussed and to ensure that VIPKid teachers are the ones in the group.

Facebook groups are organized according to needs, demographics, and interest.


In this post we are going to discuss the top ten Facebook groups every VIPKid teacher should belong to regardless of demographics or interest.

There isn’t any one group better than another, but they are listed based on the content that is discussed and how the group meets the needs of every VIPKid teacher. So, let’s discuss.

The Official VIPKid Facebook Group


All VIPKid teachers should be aware of what VIPKid is saying and doing. If you are a VIPKid teacher you should be in the official VIPKid Facebook group.

Digital Rewards

This collaborative group creates free digital props and rewards on Google Slides. They have thousands of digital rewards and props available to group members. Members can get a digital planner as well that helps streamline class’ prep and feedback.


VIPKid Props

This group shares props and videos that can be used in your classroom. They have over 10,000 shared props and videos that can be accessed once you join the group.

VIPKid Feedback and Parent Communciation

A group to share Chinese language-related questions such as parent feedback, aha moments, and cultural questions. This group was started by a teacher named Ed Nace.

Ed Nace is a teacher that spent significant time in China teaching English. He knows Chinese and knows what Chinese parents are looking for in feedback and written communication.

He has a couple of E books that you can purchase for a small fee that are helpful with feedback and parent communication as well. Joining this group can help get you elusive 5-apple feedback that every VIPKid teacher needs and wants.


VIPKid Goals

The focus of this group is to set personal goals and challenges and then both support and receive support in accomplishing these goals. Everyone’s goals and challenges are different.

The group will always celebrate your achievements. This is the group where you can talk about high volume bookings and not worry about being told you are bragging…brag away!

This group focuses exclusively on teaching classes and lesson, it does not focus on referring.

VIPKid Referrals

If you are interested in referring family, friends, or anyone else to VIPKid for teaching, you should join this group.

Referring is different from teaching and you will have questions about it as well if you decide to refer and not just teach.

VIPKid Lesson Prep

This group can save time for lesson planning and prep. The Lesson Bank group is an at-a-glance digital lesson planner, resource bank, and feedback helper.

VIPKid Tech Help

This group is for helping one another with VIPKid technology hardware and software questions. What’s the best computer for VIPKid? How does ManyCam works?

How do people use The Google Slides Planner? What does the iPad interface look like compared to the PC or Mac? Anything and everything technology related will be accepted and encouraged in this group.

We are teaching online, needless to say you will need some tech support from time to time.

VIPKid Teacher Profile and Branding

Have you been hired at VIPKid but are having no bookings?

Are you thinking about applying to VIPKid but want to be prepared ahead of time?

This is the group for you. We will help each other out by offering feedback and constructive critique of profiles, photos and videos. This is a place to have your Profile materials critiqued.

VIPKid Teacher Questions and Answers

This group is a SAFE place to discuss Questions we may have for the parents, as well as to allow us to share what we have learned from talking to our parents. This is a POSITIVE group!


Final Thoughts

As a VIPKid teacher, you will have questions and problems to solve. Belonging to the groups above will get the majority of the questions you have answered.

You will find solutions to the majority of problems you may have. Being a VIPKid teacher can be very rewarding and the pay is pretty good.

You will need to the support of the VIPKid teacher community and joining these groups will help ensure you get the support you need.

I mentioned at the beginning of this post there are a number of groups that are based on demographics and interests.

For example, I am a male teacher so I belong to a VIPKid male teachers group. I teach full time at a traditional school as well as teach at VIPKid, so I belong to a VIPKid group of traditional teachers.

I live in Texas, so I belong to a VIPKid teachers group of VIPKid teachers that live in Texas. By belonging to these demographic specific groups and the groups that are listed above, there isn’t a question I am not able to find an answer to.

The advantage of working for VIPKid is the support you can receive from the VIPKid community and a sure way to tap into this support is to join these various groups.

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If you are not a VIPKid teacher and if you are interested in VIPKid online teaching, I highly recommend it. If you have additional questions please leave them in the comments section below.

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