The Wealthy Affiliate Alternative

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money passively online. If you are new to affiliate marketing, you are going to need training, information, and education to be successful. I have blogged about Wealthy Affiliate throughout this website. In this post, I wanted to share with you the Wealthy Affiliate alternative.

Here is a list of platforms where you can get affiliate marketing training. These are good platforms and I have used and, in some cases, still use the information that is found with these online platforms.

I am still convinced that Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to begin but in an effort to be fully transparent, I will discuss places that you can get similar training.


Affilorama is a great platform and like Wealthy Affiliate, you can access some of their content for free. Affilorama offers over 100 free lessons on affiliate marketing and these lessons cover important topics such as website design, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, email marketing, affiliate marketing, etc…

The lessons were created by Mark Ling. Affilorama has videos and interviews from some very successful affiliate marketers as well. You are given a virtual lesson book to help you keep up with the training.

Affilorama has a large community forum that can be very helpful as well. If you are happy with the training at Affilorama, there are some upgrades you can invest in to help get your online business going. These upgrades vary in cost.

Read my full review on Affilorama here.

Clickbank University

clickbank university

Clickbank University is an online training platform with a focus on helping people have success with Clickbank. You can check out my full review here. Clickbank University has training that focuses on creating a product to sell.

It also has a focus on traditional affiliate marketing. The training is created by Justin Atlan, Adam Horwitz, and Matt Hulett. So, you can learn how to market as a vendor and as an affiliate marketer.

The training costs $47 per month. In addition to training for being a vendor and an affiliate marketer, you will get access to some training on attracting web traffic as well.

The training is very well done if you want to sell your own product. There is a chat forum to get questions answered as well. It comes with a money-back guarantee as well. The training on organic and SEO traffic is lacking. In some cases, the training is outdated.

Super Affiliate System

Super Affiliate System

Super Affiliate System (SAS) is an online affiliate marketing training program. It is created by John Crestani. You can read my full review here.

Unlike Wealthy Affiliate and the other platforms mentioned in the post, SAS does not focus on SEO or organic traffic instead he focuses on paid web traffic using search engines and social media.

The system costs $997. John Crestani is an expert on paid advertising with Google, YouTube, Facebook, and many other online platforms. The material that John teaches is current and updated often.

It is a 6-week course in Facebook Ads, Google Ads, YouTube Ads, and ads on other platforms. It is an extensive training program and comes with a Facebook group support and community for questions and problems.

This is a good system, but it costs money. In addition to paying for the program, members will need money to implement the advertising campaigns that are recommended by John.

Other Possibilities

There are some other good platforms. The following platforms are available, but I have very limited experience with each, but they are worth mentioning in this post.

Authority Hacker – Authority Hacker is an online training platform that has been teaching affiliate marketers since 2013. Authority Hacker was created by Gael Breton and Mark Webster. Authority Hacker focuses on building high-level authority sites. They emphasize website design and proper branding. Free training is available but to get full access to all the training they have to offer is available for $599.

Income School’s Project 24 – Income School is a YouTube Channel and website. The focus of this business is building an online presence through blogging and YouTube channels. Like the other forums mentioned in this post, money is made with affiliate marketing and advertising revenue. It is created by Jim Harmer and Ricky Kesler. It costs $49 the first year and then $199 per year after the first year.

Commission Hero – This is another online training platform that was created by Robby Blanchard. This course focuses on finding products to promote. Advertising on Facebook, converting leads from ads into sales, and then earning money on sales. In other words, you will find lessons on affiliate marketing. You can access Commission Hero for $997 or two payments for $597.

Savage Affiliates – Savage Affiliates is a program started by Franklin Hatchett. The focus like the others mentioned in this post is affiliate marketing. Like Wealthy Affiliate, Savage Affiliates takes a very broad approach to affiliate marketing. So, you will find training on a wide variety of topics pertaining to affiliate marketing. You can join Savage affiliates in one of two ways. You can join the Standard Membership for $197. This membership is limited in what to expect from Savage Affiliates. The unlimited membership is the Super membership which costs $297. You can sign up for the Standard membership then upgrade to the Super membership for $100.

Now, there are many more platforms online that you can find training for affiliate marketing, but these are some of the most popular alternatives that you will find online.

You can find FREE information and training on affiliate marketing as well. Check out my post of free training on affiliate marketing here.

My Final Word on Wealthy Affiliate alternatives…

Thank you for visiting my site and reading my post on alternatives to Wealthy Affiliate. I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I am very pleased with what I have learned and how I have progressed in building my online business.

I see a great deal of value in the various platforms and forums that I have documented in this post. These sites have some great training and I would recommend that if you want to be great at online business is that you learn all you can from everywhere you can.

I still highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate. The training is good, the tools are great, and having access to web hosting and website domains on the same platform cannot be understated in value especially if you are learning while trying to build a successful online business.

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