The VIPKid Work Hours and Schedule

The vast majority of students that take English classes from VIPKid live in China. Therefore, the classes at VIPKid are based on the Beijing Time Zone (BJT).

All the teachers that work for VIPKid must be eligible to work in the United States or Canada, so most of the teachers live in time zones that are in North America.

This means that most teachers live in a time zone that can be anywhere from 12 to 16 hours behind the BJT depending on the time of year and the exact location of the teacher.

Not all VIPKid teachers live in North America, VIPKid teachers live all over the world so the issue with the time difference affects the teachers differently depending on where they live.

However, since most VIPKid teachers live in North America the majority of this post will focus on that aspect of scheduling and work hours.

The Work Hours and Schedule

Since most teachers live in a North American time zone that is at least 12 hours behind the time zone in China, most teachers with VIPKid must work early morning hours and throughout the weekend.

VIPKid teachers are given the flexibility of setting their own schedule so that helps alleviate the stress of working very early in the morning. Teachers are paid on a per class basis. The classes last 25 to 28 minutes long and teachers are paid for a full 30 minutes. Teachers usually teach two classes per hour.

Teacher are given the flexibility of opening as many or as few slots as they want, and they decide on which days the slots are open. Teachers can take time off or vacations at their discretion.

However, VIPKid students are given a 2-week window to book classes so it is prudent for the teachers to schedule when they want to work 2 to 3 weeks out.

Teachers are given the flexibility to schedule classes anytime between 9 am to 10 pm Beijing time (in North America it would be around 7 in the evening till 8 the next morning – overnight).

However, the best times (Peak Times) are in the evenings and on the weekends in China. The peak times are 6 to 10 pm during the week and all weekend. The Peak-Peak times are between 7 to 8 pm during the week and all weekend.

Peak Times

Peak times are a reference to the times that most Chinese students are available to take a class at VIPKid. Typically, these times are after school in the evenings on weekdays and during the weekend.

Peak Times are considered very hot, in other words they are the prime times that VIPKid students want to take classes.

Of course, this means, the Peak Times for VIPkid teachers living in North America are early mornings during the week and most of the weekend with most times being overnight.

Peak Times during the Winter

These are the most accurate times for those locations that are not observing daylight savings time.


Peak Times during the Summer

These are the peak times during the summer for locations that observe daylight savings time. Daylight savings times are usually observed from March to November in most North American time zones.



Additional times are available when schools in China go on holiday. The Chinese school holidays fall in the months of February, July, and August. During these months, classes can be scheduled throughout the day: 8:30 am-10 pm Chinese time daily (US evenings and overnight)

Here is a time zone converter to figure out the times in your location if you don’t live in North America or Western Europe.

Click here to check

Final Thoughts

One of the downsides to working for VIPKid in North America is the early morning work hours. You must get up early and sometimes real early.

The upside is you get to choose when and on what days. Another positive is if you start early, you can finish early and have the remainder of your day to yourself.

Here is a video by a VIPKid Brand Ambassador on teaching for VIPKid from different time zones from the perspective of different teachers

VIPKid pays its teachers between $18 to $22 per hour. If VIPKid sounds interesting to you check out this website for more information.

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6 thoughts on “The VIPKid Work Hours and Schedule”

  1. Hi, I’m from the UK and have been looking into working for VIPKid as a tutor but I thought that the time difference with students around the world would be really difficult to fit around my schedule that I have at the moment but I can see that the best times actually work well for me

    As a teacher for VIPKid,  do you have to work both evenings and weekends or can you choose when you want to work?

  2. Wow some more helpful VIPKid information here. I like how you’ve split hours between summer and winter. Daylight savings comes into play for sure. A downside definitely is that there are early hours, especially if you’re on the west coast. But if you can manage the hours then it becomes a worthwhile endeavor as I’ve heard the students are top-notch, for the most part. Well done and I look forward to reading more!

  3. I am living in Dubai, so the time differences are not that pronounced for me while here as they are for the teachers working out of the USA. This time difference affects my business all the time, as many of my clients live in the USA. I have working hours that are not even close to the norm (9-5 and Monday through Friday) now.

    This is therefore not a big factor for me, as I am used to having to adjust depending on the client’s schedule. I like that many of the peak hours are on the weekends and times when I am not doing other activities. This means that I can add in some extra income that to now I have missed out on.

    Another factor here is that the weekends start on Thursday nights, so local businesses are closed on Friday and some on Saturday, with Sunday being the first workday of the week. Essentially, I either have a three day weekend or no weekend at all, depending on what is going on.

    This is why the VIPKids program fits so well for me. I am used to this kind of schedule, and as you say it even has its advantages over other part-time jobs that are out there. Do you find that you can get 2 classes completed in an hour with no problem? I would think that might leave too little time to prepare? 

  4. I particularly love how disruptive the internet has become. Distances and time zones are no longer a barrier to development. back in the day, there were hardly options for a situation like this. Teachers traveled to Asian countries to teach students English Language or vice vasa. I am so thankful to be alife in this era. I totally understand the challenge of time.


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