VIPKid Demo Lesson: Everything You Need To Know To Pass

I have been working for VIPKid as an English teacher for a little less than a year. I am a full-time teacher for a traditional school as well, so VIPKid is what I call my side hustle.

It is the best side hustle I have ever had because it is the only side hustle, I have found that lets me work from home for about 10 hours a week and allows me to pocket an extra $800 per month.

If something like is of interest to you then keep reading. By the way, VIPKid pays its teachers between $18 to $22 per hour and you don’t have to be a traditional teacher to work for them.

If you are on this post, chances are good that you have heard of VIPKid and you are looking for information on how to successfully pass what is called the Demo Lesson.

I am going to share with you the information you are looking for so keep reading.

Of course, the Demo Lesson is the second step in the hiring process for VIPKid. If you want an overview of the entire interview process then click here.


The hiring process consists of four steps: 1.) application 2.) demo lesson 3.) mock lessons (certification) and 4.) sign the contract.


The first step is filling out the application. If you have not completed an application, click on the my link to be taken to VIPKid’s hiring portal. By using the link to fill out the application, I will become you’re referring teacher and I would then be able to give you any additional assistance you may need in order to get hired.

Keep in mind in order to have the application accepted by VIPKid you must meet three requirements: 1. Have a bachelor’s degree 2. be eligible to work in the US or Canada and 3. Have 12 months of some type of teaching experience (almost any experience will count- you don’t need to be a traditional teacher to do this)

The application consists of three basic questions: Your name, do you have a bachelor’s degree (you must say yes), and how much teaching experience do you have (if you click “less than a year”- you will be disqualified).

After filling out the online form and answering the questions correctly you are sent to the demo phase of the process.

There are some technology requirements you will need to consider as well to get through the entire process:

1. You will need a reliable computer of service device with a reliable and stable internet connection.

2. You will need a headset or earbuds with a working microphone.

3. You will need a HD integrated camera, these usually come standard on most smart devices and laptops.

4. You will need a mouse if you use a laptop or desktop computer.

5. Your device will need to be able to use the latest version of Adobe.

The first step will need to be completed for any of the information on this post to be helpful to you.

Keep in mind the Demo phase of the interview process is extremely important because it used to determine if you will be hired and what you’re starting rate will be per class. You will need and want to do a very good demo lesson if you want to teach for VIPKid.

The Demo Lesson can be done in one of four ways: Option 1- a recorded demo. Option 2- a live demo, Option 3- a SMART demo, and Option 4- a Fast Pass Coaching day. 

In this post, I will share with you some things you need to consider before attempting to take on the VIPKid Demo lesson. I will share tips and tricks you can use to pass the Demo regardless of which option you chose and how to prepare for each Demo option.

Regardless of the option you pick, the VIPKid Demo “Interview” as it is sometimes called is not really an interview, it is more like a tryout (in fact VIPKid is trying to get away from the word interview because it causes some confusion). If you have ever tried out for anything, you know that planning, preparing (and over preparing), and practice are the keys to success.

So, in this post, I am going to give you the keys for putting together a great plan for passing your demo. I am going to give you the information you need in order to prepare properly regardless of which option of demo you go with, and then you will have to take care of the practice part on your own, unless I am you’re referring teacher then I can make time to help you with that too.

Understand What VIPKid is Looking for in Your Demo


Just like with any tryout, it is important to know what the judges are looking far, plan and prepare to meet those expectations, and practice. Here is a list of things VIPKid is looking for in your demo.

This list will be exhaustive list and should apply to any of the four options. Again, I hope this list will be helpful to you in planning and preparing for the demo phase of the VIPKid interview process.

Expectations regardless of the demo option you pick:

1. You need to be prepared to sell yourself to VIPKid. You will need to be prepared to answer questions about your credentials and experience. All the demo options require you to do an introduction where you either answer some brief questions about yourself or simply give an introduction where you describe your background and why you think you are a good fit for VIPKid.

2. You will need good and bright lighting. You want the interviewers at VIPKid to see you. You don’t want any shadows. Furthermore, VIPKid will be looking at things such as lighting and other technology related items (Is your video blurry? Is your internet slow or unreliable? Does your video feed skip?) to ensure that you will be able to teach on its platform.

3. You will need some type of educational background behind you. (except the Smart demo- however you still want an empty or blank background with low to no external noise) You don’t need anything fancy, but you want to give the appearance that you are in an online classroom setting.

4. You need to dress the part. You want to wear simple clothing. Don’t wear anything distracting. A shirt without any type of logo is recommended and remember orange is VIPKid’s color

5. You will need to learn to use TPR (Total Physical Response). Basically, this is you using your hands, body parts, and gestures to convey words, phases, and meaning. There are two types of TPR; instructional and educational and you need to be familiar with both. Think charades.

6. You will need to be prepared to use some type of reward system. (The Smart Demo does not require this) VIPKid usually provides one you can use, or you can use your own, but you will have to utilize something that you could use to motivate a student.

7. You will need to use Synthetic Phonics. This is how we teach English pronunciation. Check out this video for an explanation.

8. You will teach from a slide or (power point type) slides. (The number of slides you teach will be based on the demo option you pick). You will need to know the slide or slides. You will need to plan to teach about 1 minute per slide.

9. You will be given a lesson objective (usually found on each slide). You need to know the objective is and what needs to be done to teach it.

10. You will need to correct mistakes. This will be easier to do with the live demo option because you will have an actual human being acting like a child and making mistakes for you to correct. With the other options, your imaginary student will “make” them, and you will correct them.

11. You will need to teach and talk slow. Think of how slow you can talk and go even slower. Furthermore, you what to keep the language you speak specific to the slide that you are teaching and eliminate any incidental language. This part does take some practice. Be prepared to repeat certain words and phrases (especially vocabulary words)

12. You will need to utilize some props (unless you are doing the Smart demo- even then they could be helpful). Like TPR, this is use of objects to convey words, phases, and meaning. By the way the most commonly used prop is a whiteboard. You will want to use at least two props and the whiteboard can be one of them.

13. You will need to use the gradual release approach to teaching- also known as I do, we do, you do. This is where you demonstrate, perform an action with the student, and finally allow the student to perform an action or speak on their own.

14. You will need to smile. SMILE, SMILE, SMILE!!!!!!

15. You will need to be enthusiastic and look happy.

16. You will need to offer your imaginary or fake student as much praise as possible.

As I stated this is an exhaustive list, but it should give you a really good idea of the things you need to be thinking about as you prepare for your demo lesson because these are the things that VIPKid will be looking for and expecting in your demo.

OK, now you have a road map for putting together a real good plan for passing the demo phase, I am going to discuss each demo option in detail and give you the information to properly prepare.

If you already know which option you will be doing, just skip to that section below and read the information pertaining to it, however you still may want to read over each option because I will be listing the pros and cons for each as well.

Speaking of pros and cons, there are some things you should know upfront front, there isn’t anyone option better than another. It really depends on your style and comfort level. I will say, however, the candidates that have chosen the live demo tend to get a higher pay rate than those candidates that chose one of the other options, I believe everyone needs to understand this upfront.

The Smart Demo is the simple option (quick and easy) but candidates that have chosen this option tend to get a lower per class pay rate. There are reasons for this that I won’t get into here but be aware.

Now, let’s talk about each of the options……….

Options 1 and 2: The Traditional Demo Lesson (Recorded or Live)


I am going to discuss these options together because they are the traditional ways of doing the demos and the lesson you teach will be the same for both. But first let’s look at the differences and the pros and cons for both.

If you fill out the application online through the hiring portal, if you gave the correct answers on the application, you will see a timeline at the top of the web page, and you will be taken to phase 2 – the demo.

You will be asked to select either the live or recorded demo.

This page will also be where you will find information and materials to prepare you for the demo.

The Differences between the Recorded and Live Demo:

The primary difference is that with the recorded demo you are recording yourself giving a brief introduction and then teaching to an imaginary student whereas the live demo you are being interviewed by a VIPKid interviewer who is actually asking you questions and then you will teach them the lesson while they act like a 5-year-old child.

Both options have a certain level of awkwardness.

The traditional recorded demo: You will have 2 hours to record your demo. You will use about 2 minutes to introduce yourself, share your credentials and experience (this is where you sell yourself) and then you will teach the actual lesson which is about 5 minutes (about 1 minute per slide).

This option doesn’t need to be scheduled so you can do it at your convenience, you have 2 hours once you enter the teaching portal and you can make as many recording as you need, VIPKid will watch all the recordings and grade you on your best one.

VIPKid will share feedback but you will have wait for it. It is usually sent via email within 48 hours. You will be notified of the result, your pay rate if you passed, and will be given some feedback on your performance (regardless of pass or fail).

Pros and Cons of Recorded Demo:

Pros- it allows for do-overs because you can record multiple attempts, you can be precise in your delivery of instruction because there isn’t another actual person there to doing or saying anything unexpected

Cons – there isn’t another person there so it can be difficult to correct “mistakes” or insert appropriate pauses for student response, will you have to wait on feedback and results

The traditional live demo: This will be an actual 30-minute interview with a representative from VIPKid that you must schedule. This option will have the feel of a traditional interview that you may be accustomed to.

You can enter the classroom 1 hour prior to prepare. Once you are in front of the interviewer, you will be asked questions about your background, experience, and maybe some questions about why you want to work for VIPKid.

You will then teach the same 5-minute lesson. It is the same lesson taught during the recorded demo option. Again, because you are interviewing with an actual person, this interview will need to be scheduled (so if you go for this option- you will want to check, re-check, and note your time and date so you will be available and if you are not able to make it make sure you notify VIPKid so you can re schedule if necessary).

At the end of the lesson, the interviewer will give you instant feedback and let you know how you did. If it is a pass, you will be offered a pay rate (this presents an opportunity to do some negotiation to get a higher pay rate- sell yourself!!! :)).

Pros and Cons of Live Demo:

Pros – you will have a greater opportunity to sell yourself and abilities, it is easier to teach to an actual person, you get instant feedback, and there may be opportunity to negotiate starting rate,

Cons- teaching to an adult acting like a child is awkward, the interviewer may do something or say something you may not be prepared for, you will need to find someone to practice with prior to actual interview to be fully prepared, so use your referring teacher.

OK, now we have discussed the differences as well as the pros and cons to both options, lets discuss the actual lesson you will be teaching. The lesson “Me, Myself, and I” is the same exact lesson that will be used for both options.

However, keep in mind that if you are doing the recorded option, you will need to do a 2-minute introduction of yourself before you start the lesson. Other than that, you can take the same approach regardless of the option you pick. I am going to give you a slide by slide explanation of how should approach the lesson, so let’s go!!!

The Lesson “Me, Myself, and I” (this is a level 2 interactive VIPKid lesson)

  • The actual first slide provided by VIPKid is an introduction slide about VIPKid, and this for the hiring candidate and there is nothing to teach here.
  • You will want to watch the video that occupies this post to get a better understanding of how to teach the slides.
  • You will want to watch the demonstration video provided by VIPKid as well.
  • In this lesson, you will be teaching the vocabulary term “sad” and some phonics – three words that end in”ig”
  • The next slide is the first slide of the actual lesson, it is the title slide “Me, Myself, and I” and it is slide 1, so….

Slide 1The title slide: Here you will need to introduce yourself to the student, get the student to introduce his or herself, and introduce the lesson “Hi! My name is Teacher____, what is your name?” (Remember to smile, use TPR (cup ear), and pause for student response). “My name is {made up student name}” “Very good” (thumbs up) (This will be a good time to correct a mistake by having the student say their name in a complete sentence). “How old are you?” (Use lots of TPR and this is another time to correct a mistake by having the student speak in a complete sentence) ” I am ____ years old” pause for student response and follow up with “Very good” (thumbs up) How are you feeling? ( give the student some options such as happy or sad, use TPR or even better introduce a prop, and ensure they are using a complete sentence) “I am _____” and follow up with “Very good” (thumbs up) – then introduce the lesson “Today, Me, Myself, and I” (circle or underline the title on the slide) – click

Slide 2 – The reward slide: Have fun together: On this slide you want to introduce the reward system and get the student to draw a line on the slide “Soccer ball” ( you need to circle the soccer ball on screen and show them one somehow -either with a prop or TPR) “[student name} when you do a good job (Thumbs up) you will get a soccer ball” then demonstrate a soccer ball going into the net by drawing a line on the slide or using a prop. Next, you want the student to draw a line on the slide. Say “draw a line” and either draw another line on the screen and use TPR to show action (the whiteboard would be helpful here). Once you have introduced the reward system and successfully had your “student” draw a line say, “Very good!” smile, thumbs up – click

Slide 3 Introduce Vocabulary- Sad: Here you will introduce the word sad, demonstrate sad using TPR, a prop, or both, get the student to say “sad” at least twice and then get the student to say, “He is sad.” at least twice. Underline on the slide what you want your student to say as well as the picture of the baby. A prop, TPR, or both would be useful in demonstrating “sad”. Once your student has aid “sad” twice and repeated the sentence “He is sad” once, say “Very good!” smile, thumbs up – click

Slide 4 Vocabulary- Sad: Here you will teach the sentence “He is sad'”. And have the student circle a picture to demonstrate comprehension. You will begin by underlining the sentence “He is sad” and slowly saying it to your student while pointing at your mouth, then cup your ear and allow the student to repeat. You will do this a second time but hold up three of your fingers (one finger at a time) to demonstrate the three words of the sentence. Now, you will draw an arrow to the boy and say “he”, let your student repeat- you are associating “he” with a boy. Then you are going to ask, “Who is sad?” use TPR and instruct the student to circle (the student will need to circle the boy) and have the student say, “He is sad”. You will need to use TPR or maybe your white board to demonstrate circle. Once the student has said “He is sad” and circled the picture of the sad boy. Smile say, “Very good“. Give an reward (soccer ball) (thumbs up) – click.

Slide 5 Vocabulary- Sad: Here you will teach the sentence “She is sad” and have the student drag and drop the correct You will begin by circling the girl and saying “she’ and having the student repeat “she” (you are associating the girl with the word “she”) the underline the sentence frame and say “She is _____” and use TPR to demonstrate “sad”, once the student has said “She is sad” say “Good!” thumbs up. Then say “drag and drop” using either TPR or maybe your mouse as a prop to demonstrate dragging something on screen. Once the student has said “She is sad.” and moved the word “sad” to the sentence frame say, “Very good!” smile, thumbs up – click

Slide 6 Phonics- “ig”: Here you will teach the sounds for certain letters (synthetic phonics) and combinations of letters to from words. This slide is perfect for a whiteboard. I would already have the contents of the slide on a whiteboard so that you would only need to draw lines on it to form the words. You will teach the sound for /i/ then the sound for /g/ and then the sound when i and g are put together. Once the student has made the sound for /ig/ then you will put it with the other letters to form the words: dig, wig, and mig. The best approach is to point to your mouth when you make a sound and then cup your ear and pause for the student to repeat. Once the student has blended and said all three words smile say “Very good“. Give an award (soccer ball) (thumbs up) – click.

Slide 7 Goodbye: Here you will tell your student good job (use their name) and say thank you and goodbye! Make sure that you smile after thanking the student and waving as either the camera is turned off or the interviewer concludes the lesson depending on the option your using for your demo.

End of the lesson.

Well, I hope the lesson script above is helpful to you. Feel free to print it out and make any additional notes if that is helpful and watch the video that is embedded in this post to see an actual demonstration. Now we are going to move unto a discussion of the Smart Demo option……

Option 3: The SMART Demo


The Smart Demo is very new for VIPKid, as of this post it has only been available for about a month. It is replacing what was called the “Express Demo”. It is like the recorded option, but it is much shorter and must be done on a smartphone or device. This demo option is designed to be done in less than 10 minutes.

You will use your smart device and download the VIPKid teacher app and log into it with the same user and password you used to sign up for VIPKid when you applied. You will click on interview, click on introduction, and click on materials. You will want to take at least a few minutes to review and study the materials before starting the demo.

The demo consists of five quiz questions that each must be answered in less than 90 seconds. The questions are straight forward and easy to answer, and you only must get 3 out of 5 correct to move to the actual demo. The questions are taken from a question bank so there is no way to know the exact questions that will be asked but if you review the material, they are relatively easy to answer.

After answering the first 5 quiz questions, the sixth quiz question is the actual demo. You will teach one slide (which can be taught correctly in one minute) and will have two minutes and 30 seconds to teach the slide and complete the demo.

Pros and Cons of the Smart Demo:

Pros- it can be done on your Smart phone, it is very short, you can do it over if necessary

Cons- you won’t know the exact slide you are teaching until you see it so you will need to prepare for a few different possibilities

Question 6 The actual demo:

You will be recorded teaching an imaginary student one slide. Because it is difficult to tell which slide you will be teaching you will want to prepare for some different possibilities. Most slides are used to teach vocabulary, phonic, or grammar so your prep should focus on these areas.

There is a video of a VIPKid teaching a slide (it will be a different slide for you) that you will want to watch to give you an idea on how to do the recording

Other things to remember:

  • You will see the slide before you must hit the record and so you will have a little bit of time to decide how you will teach the slide.
  • Read the instructions at the top of the slide, you must follow them to pass
  • Have a few props easily available at the very least a small whiteboard with dry erase marker would be best
  • You must repeat vocabulary words 2 or 3 times
  • Use TPR
  • Have good lighting, nothing in the background
  • Low to no background noise
  • Use a headset or earbuds
  • You will want to prop your phone up, use a device stand, or pop socket to free up your hands
  • Make sure that your head, upper body, and hands can be seen in the recording window

You will have 2 minutes and 30 seconds to record your demo. If you are unhappy with it, delete it and re-record by backing out of the recording portion of the portal. Once you are satisfied, click upload and wait for the results. Don’t worry, you will do great!!!

Now we are going to move unto a discussion of the Fast Pass Coaching Day option……

Option 4: Fast Pass Coaching Day


The last option that we are going to discuss that is available for the VIPKid Demo Interview is called a Fast Pass Coaching Day. VIPKid offers these coaching sessions that allow hiring candidates to by-pass the demo and serve as the actual demo lesson.

The fast pass coaching day is about a 2-hour coaching session where hiring candidates can be trained by VIPKid on how to teach on the VIPKid platform. A hiring candidate can register for the Fast Pass Coaching day after filling out the application for VIPKid. The fast pass coaching days are only offered in select cities in North America at various times.

Fast Pass Coaching Days are currently being offered in these cities: Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, Charlotte, San Diego, Phoenix, Columbus, Chicago, Austin. They are offered at 26 major US and Canada cities.

If you live close to one of these (within 1 hour), this may be a good option however if you are not close you would be better off using one of the other 3 options and utilizing your referring teacher and the many other resources that can be found online.

Top 10 Tips for Success on Your Demo Interview

OK, so now we have explored all the demo options. Let’s go over a few reminders that should help ensure success on your demo lesson.

1. Plan – select the option that is best for you, research what is expected, and go for it!

2. Check your technology – make sure you have what you need before going into the demo, VIPKid will be checking to see if you are ready to teach on their platform.

3. Dress the part – wear an orange T-shirt if possible, VIPKid will want to know if you look like a VIPKid teacher.

4. Check your background – Does your background look like an online classroom?

5. Lighting– it must be good and bright.

6. Props– have a few, especially a small whiteboard.

7. Practice- with a timer (1 minute per slide) and record yourself to check for things that you can improve.

8. Practice with another person – use your referring teacher for resources as well as feedback on what you need to do to pass.

9. Use VIPKid teaching techniques– TPR, slow speaking, modeling, timely error correction, and repeat target words and sentences at least 3 times.

10. Be positive and smile! VIPKid wants to know if you can encourage students

Final Thought

I hope this post has been helpful to you has to prepare for your VIPKid Demo lesson.

Interested in Working for VIPKid

Click on the VIPKid Application Link

Already applied but you haven’t completed the certification process?

You can add my referral code: 1. Go to the VIPKid website 2. click on “My account” 3. add Referral Code: MARVI0003


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  7. I find the concept of working for VIPKid very intriguing. I presently work as a full-time teacher of Social Studies(World History, U.S. History, American Government and Economics) in a local alternative high school. It sounds like a good idea to have a side hustle where you can make $800.00 extra income monthly. It seems though that this addition to my schedule would be taxing on me physically and mentally. Have you found it to be so?

    You have well pointed out the qualifications and described the hiring process. I couldn’t resist clicking the link and making an application. As a referring teacher do you get a commission? Is that another way to look at VIPKid? I understand that once I fill the application, I will need to do a demo lesson in one of four ways. None of them appear too daunting. I am also going to look into whether I qualify for a Fast Pass Coaching day. This sounds like a great opportunity for any teacher, full or part-time.

    Thank you for explaining this so well.

    God bless you!

    • I set my own schedule so I control the impact the extra work has on me. It is work but I really needed the money. Referring teachers do get a bonus, VIPKid has an affiliate type program for teachers. 

  8. I never heard of this before. It is such a neat idea that you could teach from a computer with a camera. Very cool way platform to be able to teach. I am impressed with your step by step way to apply and really help people looking to teach in a different way. Great job

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    • I live in the US Central time zone, the lessons taught to students are on Bejing Time (BJT), they are 13 hours ahead of us. So I usually teach between 4 to 8 am daily. I set my own schedule so I can work as much or as little as I want. I hope this helps answer your question. Thank you

  10. I applied for VIPkid way back and unfortunately I was not qualified. I assume I do not fit the right demographic.. They specifically said that they prefer caucasians 🙁 That was unfortunate, I am qualified and I am TESOL certified. Oh well.. 

    You know what I am going to give it another go. I will give it another go by following your tips. Hopefully this time around, the squeaky wheel will get the oil. 

    Thanks again for such an informative post on the Demo Interview. 

    • I am sorry to hear of your experience. It doesn’t sound like the norm. I know of large groups of VIPKid teachers that are NOT Caucasian. In fact some of the best teachers and trainers are NOT. So, I can’t really speak to your experience. 


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