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Are you considering starting an online business? How about dropshipping? If you are considering dropshipping as an online business model, you may be aware that one of the most difficult aspects of this business model is finding reliable suppliers and manufacturers of products that can be sold online. The dropshipping model is great, and many people are making money doing it but where can you find products to sell. This Salehoo Review will discuss a solution to this problem in detail.

Salehoo – My Review of Salehoo

Name: Salehoo


Price: Between $67

Owners: Simon Slade

Overall Rank: 86 out of 100 points


What is Salehoo?


Salehoo is a web-based directory and online tool and platform that assists drop shippers in finding products to sell online and the suppliers of those products.

The directory has products that are available for almost any niche you can think of.

The platform goes beyond just being a supplier directory.

Salehoo offers training, customer support, and a community forum for members that are actively looking to build a dropshipping business.

Salehoo was started in 2005 in New Zealand. Currently, the directory has 1000s (over 8000 as of the writing of this post) of suppliers that offer members millions of products (they claim to have about 2.5 million products to choose from).

Many of the brands of products on Salehoo are major brands that you can find in any online marketplace. The suppliers are all over the world including the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, and China.

Salehoo was started by Simon Slade. Simon started as an online store owner who had difficulty finding suppliers for the products, he wanted to sell, so he started a directory to bring wholesalers, liquidators, direct manufacture, and drop shippers in one place.

This allows drop shippers to search, find, and compare products from verified sellers (no scammers are allowed on the directory) and make decisions based on selling rates and profit margins.

It has received an A+ accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, which adds to its legitimacy.

What is Salehoo for?

Salehoo is a legitimate online directory and platform that assists drop shippers. It is for those people that what to build a successful online drop shipping business.

It offers drop shippers a way to find products, suppliers, and information that is necessary in order to start and build a successful drop shipping business.

You can utilize an online store or use an online marketplace such as eBay, Amazon, or Shopify to sell the products.

What is Dropshipping?


I have written a post that goes into more detail on the dropshipping business model, read it here.

It is an online business model where you set up an online store, the customer (the end-user) buys from you, and the product purchased to sent directly to the customer from the supplier.

Salehoo Basics

The Online Suppliers Directory

  • This online directory is a listing of dropshipping and wholesale suppliers that are wanting to build an online store. The suppliers verified by Salehoo to ensure they are legitimate and trustworthy.
  • One of the difficulties in finding good suppliers is finding suppliers that are not scammers. Salehoo solves this problem by ensuring that all suppliers in their directory are legitimate.
  • All suppliers on the directory have contact information, product ranges, and reviews from other drop shippers.

The Salehoo Dashboard

  • The platform is easily navigated thanks to an easy to use dashboard. Here you can find everything you need on the platform. You can save transactions with the suppliers you find and work with. This makes everything easy to find and use.

Training and Support

  • This is important whether you are new to drop shipping or have been doing it for some time.
  • They have many step-by-step guides and videos on how to sell, where to sell, and using different online marketplaces.
  • The training is relevant for any niche.
  • They have a market research tool that helps its members to find products to sell. This tool provides data on competition and sales rate so you have a better chance of finding a unique product that will stand out and you can sell. Salehoo provides a monthly sales report that provides trends in the marketplace that will give you an edge over competitors.
  • Customer support is available through phone, email, and live chat. The customer support can help you find products.
  • Salehoo, also, provides support and training on setting up your online store.

Salehoo Price

  • You can join Salehoo for an annual fee of $67. It includes full access to the supplier directory, access to the community forum, access to the market research tool, access to all training materials, and full customer support.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons


  • A Great Directory of legitimate suppliers – This is very important because there are so many scams online. All suppliers on the Salehoo directory are verified and reviewed to ensure legitimacy. If fact suppliers are put through a rigorous process to ensure that genuine and legitimate products are being sold.


  • Excellent training


  • Excellent Market Research tools


  • Great Customer Support – they are active and friendly. They work to help you find products with competitive pricing.


  • An active member forum with over 100,000 members


  • Low Cost to join – it cost less than $6 per month to be a member


  • Low-Cost suppliers – this is important if you want to sell products with good profit margins.


  • No upsells


  • Good refund policy- they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Almost too many products to choose from


  • Some products have very low-profit margins

My Final Thoughts on Salehoo…

If you are looking to start an online business especially one that involves drop shipping, then Salehoo is a very good place to start. Salehoo offers everything you need to get started with drop shipping.

I believe for small investment it is a great platform to be a member of.

I believe that being a part of this platform is a must for any serious drop shipper. Click here to check out Salehoo

Salehoo at a Glance…

Name: Salehoo


Price: Between $67

Owners: Simon Slade

Overall Rank: 86 out of 100 points



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Customer Service


Product Brands







  • No hidden fees
  • Money Back Quarantine
  • Low minimum orders


  • Marketplace fees
  • Too many products

15 thoughts on “Salehoo Review”

  1. I like the name, Salehoo, it sounds good. I love that no scammers are allowed on this platform. How do they weed them out? It looks like a good, solid platform, and I am glad that they have training videos and site support. That is very important for me. The member fee is also pretty good, the price is affordable. I will definitely take note of this and remember Salehoo. it’s good to learn about decent and honest online companies, they are so hard to find nowadays, so thank you for sharing this article!

  2. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .Loved your platform and liked the name very much.And I love the videos they have on this website because I can watch them here.In the first place, these videos will help me a lot.And one of the things I found most important was that no scanner was allowed on this platform.And in this world everyone is involved with Islam so it is very difficult to find such honest and decent online companies at the present time and I love seeing your company.

  3. It delights me that this platform is devoid of scammers and that is a welcomed addition always. Being the fact that anyone can always benefit from it so far there is a knowledge on how drop shipping works. But I wish to seek more into how salehoo really works. Is there a particular way that scammers are detected and removed? Also, does it include any free trial offer?

  4. Hi Marvin!

    Dropshipping is a model for many people making money online. Honestly, I didn’t understand, so far, why people would want to buy various products through other people instead of from the vendors, but after thinking more deeply it is a great way to find a specific product, between so many available these days.

    The problem I see when starting dropshipping is to find the real vendor and great product with great support and delivery terms.

    Having somebody like Salehoo on your side when trying to figure it out who to work with, especially when starting dropshipping is a great help. I heard for the first time about Salehoo through your article.

    If I decide once to start with dropshipping, I will definitely consider Salehoo. It seems to be a great place to sort out reliable and serious suppliers.

    Thanks for sharing such a tip.

    Best regards,

  5. My greatest worry about drop shipping has always been that the supplier will run out of the products that I need. It is good to know that this company has excellent suppliers and that they are not scammers. It’s great that they have a training program and the cost is certainly reasonable.  I would definitely like to learn more. 

  6. Thanks for sharing this information.

    I am glad to learn of this Salehoo platform.  One of the things that discoueages me about dropshipping is being able to source products from the right source.

    And And learning about this Salehoo and how it can help resolve these issues for me has just made my day.

    It gives me relief to learn of how they do thorough verifications on their suppliers to avoid scammers.

    I am also very happy that the cost is very affordable and there are no upsells.

    Another great bonus is knowimg they can provide me with the training and support I may need. It’s worth checking out.

    Thanks for sharing.


  7. Drop shipping is something that I have been toying with for quite a while. I do plenty of selling on EBay and on numerous occasions it has occured to me that I could go direct to some of the suppliers. Cutting out the ‘middle man’ is also a very cost effective way forward.

    Although drop shipping would be a slightly different take on what I had in mind. Many of the overseas products are less expensive but people tend not to use them becasue of the delay in shipping. I’m quite happy to sit it out and wait, certainly if it means that the price is considerably cheaper. 

    Rather than using the platform in the traditional sense, do you think it would work if I was to deal direct with the suppliers and actually hold stock of certain items ? I’m just thinking that if all the suppliers have already been ‘vetted’ then that saves me the hassle of trying each one out and going into it ‘blind’, so to speak.

  8. Your article has motivated me to seriously consider drop shipping and I enjoyed your review of Salehoo. Thank you for explaining what drop shipping is! I’ve heard it mentioned so many times but now I have a clearer picture of what it is. I also like Wealthy Affiliate as it is even easier than drop shipping to get started. Combining Zero Up with Salehoo will enable me to have all the training and the products to make the drop shipping model work for me.

  9. You have really given a great picture of drop shipping. I’ve long been interested in this form of marketing and every question I had you answered in a way that was very informative. I thank you for this. Your review and adding others was a great way to let others know opinions on the product. Great selling point. Artwork was nice and fit your article well. If anything I may not have used as many opinions as you did. Other than that I felt it was a very informative, and intelligent article. Thank you.

  10. Marvin, this is a good explanation of what we need to run a drop shipping business successfully. I have read about it before but never really got into it because I felt that it would be open to scammers and I didn’t have a good enough idea of what to sell. Thank you for the introduction to Salehoo. The price is affordable for all the work that is already done for you. I will be looking at this a little more closely. I am just wondering if they have any statistics on the number of dissatisfied customers ??


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