Nutrisystem Review

Nutrisystem Review

Name: Nutrisystem


Price: Between $275 to $600

Owners: Harold Katz

Overall Rank: 92 out of 100 points


Overview of Nutrisystem


Nutrisystem is a popular diet plan and program which began in the 1970s that utilizes prepackaged portion control meals that are shipped to your home.

The programs offer a variety of plans for men, women, seniors, vegetarians, and people that have type 2 diabetes. The diet is based on the idea that weight loss is easier to achieve when you eliminate the planning and preparation of meals.

It is an ideal diet for individuals that are not accustomed to preparing meals.

The meals use a low glycemic index that is based on lean proteins, carbohydrates, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.

The meal plan centers around the meals that are prepared and shipped to you as well as fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy, and lean protein from the grocery store.

How It Works

Nutrisystem offers a wide variety of plans to help create a more individualized weight loss program.

You choose your plan and your meals.

Nutrisystem makes recommendations to assist you with this process.

Most programs and plans start with a “Turbo Takeoff” to jump-start the weight loss for the first week.

The plans fall into 3 categories: Basic, Core, and Uniquely Yours.


However, each category follows a similar format where you begin a turbo takeoff and then move to the portion-controlled meals for the duration of the diet.

The categories and programs are designed to meet people where they are in their lives. This approach helps dieters with budgeting.

Most people that use Nutrisystem must be on the diet more than one month, so the cost becomes a monthly recurring cost for the duration of the diet.

The sign-up process is very easy. You sign up for your plan, pick your meals, and then Nutrisystem ships the meals to your home.

You have the option for signing up for auto delivery, which allows for convenient reordering and shipment of your meals every 4 weeks for the duration of your diet.

The prepackaged meals taste good, are easy to transport, and heat up. However, the food is processed which is helpful for the diet but will not train you for making healthy choices when the diet is complete. Fasting or special meal timing is not a part of the plans.

The meals and plans are related to the basic calorie count. The first week of the diet is based upon consuming just 1,000 calories per day.

The first week can be very challenging especially if you have never dieted before.


Once you have completed the first week, the calorie intake is increased for the duration of the diet.

Men can expect to intake about 1,500 calories per day, three meals and two snacks.

Women can expect to intake about 1,200 calories per day, three meals and one snack.

Since it is based on a low glycemic index, about 50% of calories are from carbohydrates, 25% are from fat, and 25% are from proteins.

The sodium intake is less than 2300 milligrams per day.

Nutrisystem Support, Tools, and Training

Nutrisystem provides its members with several tools and supports to facilitate weight loss. The support system and tools include counselors and dietitians, a smartphone app NuMi, the Leaf (newsletter with tips, inspiration, and recipes), and free expert guides.

Nutrisystem Counselors and Dietitians – these are weight-loss experts that are available for questions via phone or online chat. This support can be helpful when you hit plateaus or just need motivation and encouragement to keep going.

NuMi app – This app makes it easy to log and track food, drinks, and activity. It may recommend recipes and exercise. It is easy to use and gives up=to-date information on recommendations. It syncs with Fitbit, Apple Health, and Jawbone.

The Leaf – The latest on weight loss tips, recipes, videos, and inspiration to help meet your fitness goals.

Expert Guides – You receive a quick start guide, daily tracker, and dining out guide.




Pros Vs Cons


Pre-Portioned servings

Very little food prep needed

Large menu variety with over 150+ meal options

Easy to follow plan


Processed food

Weight loss varies per person

Does not promote healthy food choices

How much is Nutrisystem?

The cost of the system is dependent on the plan you select. The plans range from $275 to $600 per month. Nutrisystem offers some additional items that may increase the overall cost.

If you are on the diet for more than 1 month then the cost will be recurring monthly until you conclude the diet.

There are some additional costs for additional food that you buy at the grocery store to supplement the pre-packaged meals starting on the second week of the diet.

My Final Word on this diet plan…


I have used this diet with success. I lost 40 pounds in about 3 months.

I would recommend it to my family and friends.

It is not a perfect plan and there is no single diet that will work for everyone.


There may be a variety of reasons this diet may or may not work for you.

If you are someone who does not cook, very busy with other aspects of life, or maybe do not have any real experience with dieting or portion control then Nutrisystem may be ideal for you.

The program would work great for someone who does not want to study the calories, carbs, or nutrients in the food they are consuming but just want to lose the pounds.

It is a convenient and simple program and if simple and convenient is what you want then Nutrisystem is a program you should consider if you are looking to lose weight.

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Nutrisystem at a Glance…


Name: Nutrisystem


Price: Between $275 to $600

Owners: Harold Katz

Overall Rank: 92 out of 100 points



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$275 to $600

Ease of Use


Customer Support


Brand Satisfaction







  • Easy to follow
  • Very little food prep
  • Large Menu Variety


  • Processed food

6 thoughts on “Nutrisystem Review”

  1. Hallo there Marvin, 

    I see nutrisystem seems to have great value for someone who is looking to loose weight. The whole idea of working with processed food is not pleasing to me and my wife either but if you used it and you were able to lose 40 pounds in just 3 months, then I think it is worth giving it a shot. The price is well worth the value you are getting in return and I think trying it out is the only way to know it actually works. Thanks for the detailed review here. Good day!

  2. Hello there thanks for the review on this platform. This is my first time to hear of such a program that helps with weight loss. It may not be easy following up with such a plan at first but I think it is worth because you will get to see results after some time. On my opinion I think the best way to achieve weight loss engaging in exercises coupled with the right diets.

  3. This is quite an excellent review you’ve made here on Nutrisystem, in further discussion Nutrisystem is a meal delivery program that focuses on portions that are small and effective. Relying on a meal delivery service is sustainable for most people, …. I really do appreciate your effort and sharing such an insightful review I look forward to re-posting…

  4. From what this article states, people with type 2 diabetes can benefit from following this meal plan, but what about people with type 1 diabetes? Also, how does it mostly contain processed food if you’re trying to lose weight, doesn’t that affect some other parts of your lifestyle? And lastly, does it only include meals? No snacks, or alternatives to snacks? If you’re buying food from the grocery store isn’t that endangering the diet plan? Looking forwards to hearing from you.  

    • If someone has type 1 diabetes, they should consult their doctor before starting any type of doctor so I don’t have the expertise to answer that. The review is based on my experience which result in losing 40 pounds and what I know about the program. The food is processed but designed to facilitate weight loss. Snacks are included in the program. You still need to buy fresh fruits and vegetables to go with the meals that are sent.

  5. Hi there, I have often wondered about prepacked meals and noticed how popular they are. Now you are explaining the process of dieting through prepacked meals that are shipped directly to your home.

    I have found online shopping and then delivery to my doorstep to be growing in my family, especially with small children it is much easier for the mother to simply order food online.

    I have never followed this diet, but it sounds simple with prepacked meals limiting what you eat for each meal. While the processed food is not as healthy as some home cooked meals, it is much simpler, warm it up and eat it, great for people that don’t like to cook or are busy.

    I have followed a diet for a month that strictly limited what I could eat, basically no eating at restaurants, and its drawback was a lot more cooking meals at home.

    Thank you! Justin


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