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Online teaching has become a wonderful option for working from home online. Today, I am going to introduce what I believe is the best teaching platform online. If you are interested in teaching online, then you need to read this Outside review.

Even if you are not a traditional teacher, Outschool still may be the opportunity you have been looking for.

What is Outschool?


Outschool is a marketplace where parents find classes for their children. It was founded in 2014, in San Francisco, CA. Amir Nathoo is the current CEO of Outschool.

The marketplace is geared towards children between the ages of 3 and 18. The classes are offered in a variety of formats and a variety of times. The teachers create and teach their own classes. The teachers set the schedule, determine class size, and what will be charged per class and per student.

The classes are live classes that are taught in real-time. Outschool provides the platform and the marketplace that connects the students to the teachers.

Outschool provides

  • online listings for classes
  • access to a community of students
  • secure online payments
  • a platform for video lessons, chat and messaging between teachers and students (Zoom is used)
  • a platform for communicating with parents and students outside of live class

Outschool Teachers

  • Plan and create lessons to be taught (the type of lesson and what is to be taught is up to the teacher)
  • Teach live classes, monitor student progress, and communicate with parents

Outschool Students

  • children up to the age of 18
  • a wide variety of learning needs

Hiring Process and Pay

Teacher Requirements

  • must have experience working with children (teaching, tutoring, coaching, etc.)
  • must be at least 18 years old
  • pass a basic background check
  • be experts in the field of classes that are being taught
  • be creative and original in-class lessons
  • Willing to provide excellent customer service
  • Full-time residents and legally able to work in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand

Hiring Process

You do not need a college degree or any type of certificate to work for Outschool. You must have some expertise in the area that you are teaching, but this qualification is very broad.

Teachers must agree to teach according to Outschool guidelines and policies. Outschool teachers must have access to high-speed internet, HD camera, and a headset for audio is recommended. The hiring process is easy and straightforward.

To apply, prospective teachers must fill out an online application.

The application will ask you for

  • Your name, phone number, and email
  • Explain your expertise and any experience you have working with children
  • Explain what topics you will be teaching and what type of lessons you will teach
  • Submit a short video (30 to 90 seconds) so show off your online classroom and online teaching ability

Once you submit your online application, you will need to wait for Outschool to get back to you. It takes almost a week to get approved. You will do a background check once approved to teach. The results are usually returned with 1 day.

Once the application and background check is approved, you will set up an Outschool Teacher Profile

Your profile includes

  • your name, a headline, and information outlining your experience and expertise
  • include a short video introducing yourself to students and parents
  • fill in the contact information
  • you set up a schedule and availability (there are no minimum or maximum classes or hours you can teach)

Once you have set up your teacher profile, you must set up an Outschool class or classes. You have a great deal of flexibility of what you will teach however keep in mind that the classes must be secular, objective, and age-appropriate.

Classes offered in Outschool include traditional classes that students take in schools such as math, science, history, and reading. However, Outschool has many non-traditional classes for students as well such as cooking, movie reviews, dance, video games, and so much more.

It is not unusual to find classes on topics such as Minecraft and Dungeons and Dragons, just to give you an idea of how flexible Outschool is with the classes you can teach.

To Create an Outschool class you will

1. Create a title, select a subject, and write a summary of the class to be taught.

2. Select the type of class (one-time, multi-day, ongoing, or flexible).

3. Create a cover image for the course (Canva is great for this).

4. Create a detailed class description. Explain what will be taught and how it will be taught.

5. Set the age range, class size, and course time frame.

6. Set learning goals, assessments, and homework expectations (optional on some categories)

7. Explain any materials, apps, or supplies needed for class.

8. Set the price for the course.

9. Set the refund policy.

10. Submit the course for Outschool approval.

It takes anywhere from a few hours to a few days to get the course approved. If the course is rejected (which happens), compare the course to the stated requirements, and inquire with Outschool to adjust and resubmit for approval with Outschool.

Teacher Pay

Outschool teachers set the prices for their classes so they set their own pay rates. As students sign up for your classes, Outschool pays the teacher 70% of the price and keeps 30% once the class is taught.

Outschool pays weekly for the classes taught the previous week. Outschool pays teachers via PayPal.

Here is an example of how the pay works: Let us say you teach a class on Monday and you charge $15 per student for a one-time class and you set the class for 10 students. Ten students sign up for your class and you teach it. The class grossed at $150. You receive 70%, so 150 * .70 equals $105. So, the following Monday, Outschool deposits $105 into your PayPal account.

Tips for Getting Hired


The hiring process is straightforward and easy. In fact, it is the easiest hiring process that I have ever had for almost any job, traditional or online. It is very easy compared to other online teaching platforms.

The difficult part is coming up with a class or lessons that you want to teach young people but with a little reflection, this is not really that difficult either.

What are you good at? What are your interests? What do you have experience with that most people do not? If you can answer these questions, then you will come up with a great class that parents will want to sign their children up for.

If you decided to apply, just hit the apply button below and then send me an email and I can help get you started. Once you are approved, Outschool provides a list of topics weekly of what parents are looking for so you can adjust to meet market demand.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons


  • The hiring process is easy
  • You make your own schedule
  • You decide what you teach.
  • You do not need a degree or certification to teach
  • The money is good, I have been teaching online for 2 years and I have experience with 3 other online companies. The money you can make with Outschool is much greater because you set your pay rates.


  • The one downside is that you must create your own class and prepare your lessons but some including myself that this is more of a pro than a con.

My Final Thoughts on Outschool for now…

As you can tell from this post, I am very impressed with Outschool and I highly recommend it for anyone looking to generate income online from the comfort of their home. My only regret is that I did not start teaching for Outschool sooner than I had.

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Outschool Review




Work Life Balance







  • Easy Hiring Process
  • Flexible Schedule
  • No degree or certificate needed
  • Great Pay


  • Have to create and prepare own classes and lessons

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  1. My sister-in-law does something very similar to this. She teaches English and tutors various subjects to students who are in China. I think she has a set rate though, which makes Outschool a really awesome upgrade from that. Her’s is also a type of service where she only teaches one student at a time. I really like that you can have more than one as that definitely ups the amount of income you can get. I’m also a fan of being able to control my own lesson plans. That gives a lot of freedom! Thanks for the write-up.

    • Yes, I have taught on the type of platforms your sister-in-law does. I am convinced that Outschool is a better platform. It doesn’t have all the limits that you find on those of platforms

  2. Outschool is I think is a lovely idea.I guess this is in addition to their regular school attendance or have I misread that ? It is an excellent way for students to gain access to different subjects and in the digital world which I think is only going to get bigger. I know many teachers unfortunately need the extra income and the review scores you share were positive so I presume they have been verified.

    I was worried that there would be no arts subjects in there but how great movie reviews and dance is listed.  I presume drama is as well as those things are all good for self esteem and confidence. I am not a teacher but if I was I would certainly look at this as an opportunity in this area.

    • Outschool is for any child, it can be used in place of traditional school or supplement schooling. Many homeschool students as well. The extra income for teachers is very much available BUT almost anyone can teach on Outschool. You don’t need to be a traditional teacher to teach.

      There are many subjects in the arts as well as everything else. I was just giving examples.

      Many people on Outschool are not traditional teachers, it is a great income opportunity for everyone.

  3. Hello there! this is an amazing review you have got here. I am very sure this post will be of help to others who come across it as it has been to me this moment. This is actually what a friend of mine is looking for at the moment, I’m sure she will jump at it when she finds out teachers do not need a certificate to apply as a teacher. 


  4.  Thanks for sharing, So far my experience with Outschoolhas not been great. They claim that teachers can set their own rates and hours but this is just not true. They have a class submission process in which they tell teachers when and what they can teach. They also, harass teachers into lowering their rates. For i don’t reccomend them

    • Thanks for sharing your experience. My experience has been very different. 

      Teachers can and do set their own rates. I have always set my rates and determine exactly what I make. They do make recommendations about rates, but I am free to ignore those recommendations which I have. I have been asked about rates one time by the way so I wouldn’t characterize that as harassment. 

      I have never been told what to teach or when to teach and I know many teachers on the platform that have said the same as me on this topic. 

      We set our own schedules and teach what we want as long as it meets Outschool’s published guidelines. I never have had a class submission rejected because my classes meet the guidelines. The basic guidelines are to ensure the classes are appropriate for children. 

      If you are still on the platform, I would recommend joining one of Outschool’s Facebook groups, they are a good way to get questions answered and problems solved. 

      I highly recommend it because the money is really good. I made $2500 in my first week on 32 hours of work. I will go into detail on my next post about Outschool. 

      All the best


  5. Thank you for sharing a lovely, informative article with us. The chief item of this article is Outschool Review. It is truly amazing that you covered this subject so well in your post. I’ve learned a lot from reading your post and gained a lot of knowledge about Outschool. I like Teacher Requirements of the points in your article. I have no opportunity to teach here because I am not a resident of the countries mentioned. Still, it’s a great platform for students to learn a lot from online.
    I have read and enjoyed your article so I would like to share your article with my friends by sharing it in the Facebook group so that everyone can know about your article and gain knowledge about it.

  6. Wow! This is really the best news for me right now as my kids are really not doing anything at home and I could really make ddo with something like this honestlym this is really grwta to see and thank you so much for sharing out here. I really fancy what you have shared here. Thank you

  7. It’s very true that Online teaching is the new show of working online and over the years, it’s been gaining recognitions and prominence. I like Outschool and how you’ve taken your time to explain it, it’ll help people know what they are going into and what the required are. I think it’s a very nice job online and I’ll consider it too.

  8. I like how out school works and their payment method too is really encouraging. I must tell you that I have been a teacher for a while but this whole pandemic thing has really crippled a lot of things. Teaching online would be a good idea and the sound this platform takes for jobs is quite reasonably. Don’t see a reason why I shouldn’t take a dig at this.

  9. Hello Marvin, I feel really happy to see this very nice idea about teaching kids online and for a long time I have been hearing about teaching English language to foreign students but I don’t know of any platform where I can do it. Outschool is really nice and I have even obtained a certificate when it deals with teaching online to these students. Is there an age barrier to who can be as teacher?


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