Top 5 Reasons You Should Be A VIPKid Teacher

In another post, I discussed some reasons teaching English online was an excellent opportunity for someone that wants to make an income from home.

In this post, I want to discuss teaching English online with VIPKid. Many different companies and ways to teach English online are in existence at this time, however I will focus on VIPKid in this post.

VIPKid is an online ESL company that is based in Beijing, China. It was launched in 2014 by its founder and CEO Cindy Mi. It connects North American teachers with students in China between the ages of 4 to 13.

VIPKid provides the curriculum, which is based on common core United States English standards, through an online platform application like Skype with a power point type of presentation that the students learn from.

VIPKid utilizes a flipped classroom approach with the use of videos and other materials that engage students before they show up in class. The teachers teach students on a one-to-one basis.

VIPKid recruits the students and parents and the teachers simply teach the lessons. Currently VIPKid serves over 600,000 Chinese students and the company is growing.

Working for VIPKid, What is it like?


The interview process for VIPKid is rigorous and can take several weeks but once you are hired and start to get bookings, the teaching is simple and easy compared to a traditional school.

After being hired, as an independent contractor, you create an introduction video, profile pictures, and a list of your credentials that can be viewed by parents.

You set up your schedule and work towards getting “bookings” In the very beginning, getting a booking can be difficult and it takes some patience to get through this process but once you are established there are plenty of students to populate your schedule and generate a reliable paycheck.

VIPKid provides a wealth of training and professional development to help prepare you for long term success with the company.

In additional, many VIPKid teachers have created Facebook groups and YouTube channels to provide answers to almost any question or concern you might have.

The ready-made curriculum and support from both the company and fellow teachers is what sets this ESL company apart from many of the others and is one of the reasons it is one of the largest ESL companies in the world.

The Top 5 Reasons You Should Be A VIPKid Teacher

I have been telling my friends and family this is an online dream job and here are some reasons why.

1. I can set my own schedule. This is huge because it allows me to generate an income without sacrificing time with my family or other obligations.

2. There is very little prep time. VIPKid provides the curriculum. I just have to make sure I know what’s in the lesson and what teaching resources I need.

This took me a little longer in the beginning but now I have my routine in place, so I get paid for the hours I work, and I only work the hours I get paid.

3. I can work as much or as little as I want. Again, this allows for a schedule that makes it easy to honor my commitments to my family.

4. VIPKid offers additional incentives for making more money than the base rate, so there plenty of opportunities to make that paycheck as big as I want it.

5. The students are awesome, and I rarely have behavior problems.

Finally, I set a goal of making an additional $500 a month when I started, I have exceeded this goal and I am only working about 10 hours a week.

For me, it is the exact opportunity I needed and was looking for.

However, there are some downsides

Of course, no job or company is perfect. So, I do feel obligated to tell you about some difficulties that come with this position.

  • First, if a student books a class with you it is very difficult to have it changed regardless of the reason. You are only allowed six cancellations per contract (6 months) Cancellations can be excused but can hurt availability which affects bookings.


  • Second, I don’t have the level of behavior problems I have had with traditional school teaching, but behavior problems do happen from time to time. Some students are really young so keeping their attention for 25 minutes is a real challenge.


  • Third, sometimes you have to teach trial classes which can be difficult because you don’t have all the information available to you which affects your preparedness and approach.


  • Fourth, no shows happen, and you have to wait the entire class time before you can exit the class (sometimes students show up with five minutes left in the class). However, you still get paid so that isn’t all bad.


  • Fifth, the lessons are prepared for you but sometimes the directions are vague, and you have to improvise to make the lesson work for the student.

Finally, your bookings are based on the feedback from the parents (you want 5 apples out of 5 every time) and sometimes you get a bad review (4 apples or less) through no fault of your own.

VIPKid has a review process to remove unfair bad reviews but parents can still see the rating.

Oh, one more thing, if you live in the United States, China is at least 12-16 hours ahead of the US, depending on your time zone, so your usual work hours are early in the morning (I usually teach from 4 to 8 am).

A Job that will Fit Your Lifestyle

Teaching with VIPKid has been ideal for me because it fits into my lifestyle. When I started looking for additional ways to make extra money, traditional part-time jobs were not going to work for me and my family.

VIPKid fills a real need in my life. It allows me to make income while fitting a schedule around the things that are important to me.

Furthermore, VIPKid provides a platform that doesn’t demand much of the time that I have outside of actual teaching.

As I have networked and talked with other VIPKid teachers, this is the main advantage of taking this job. I know of teachers that are unable to commute, have family obligations that require them to stay home, and travel, so this opportunity affords them the ability to generate a pay check without sacrificing their needs, desires, or obligations.

Here are some stories from other VIPKid Teachers about their experiences with VIPKid

Final Thoughts


As you can see from this post, I highly recommend everyone that is looking for a sustainable income to consider teaching with VIPKid.

Interested in Working for VIPKid

Click on the VIPKid Application Link

Already applied but you haven’t completed the certification process?

You can add my referral code: 1. Go to the VIPKid website 2. click on “My account” 3. add Referral Code: MARVI0003


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24 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons You Should Be A VIPKid Teacher”

  1. Wow… I’m kind of surprised. I’ve never heard of vipkid talk less of using it or applying as a tutor. From your review, I believe this is an excellent way of generating passive income which to me is ideal. Talking about the disadvantages, no system is without disadvantages and my analysis from the ones listed above, I believe it is still OK notwithstanding the disadvantages. 

  2. Thanks for this review on Vipkid online teaching and your experience so far. I will say this is really going to be a dream job for many especially someone that have experience in teaching job.i really like the way you explain each and every aspect of it. Am going to introduce this to some of my friends to take part in vipkid online teaching 

  3. Hi there

    This is pretty amazing to me. It sounds like a breakthrough to me because this is the first time I am hearing about this VipKid. This is a wonderful way to improve my income. To me, the advantage is better than the disadvantages, expect the fact that you have minimal cancellation. Others, like the lack of concentration of the kid, are normal to me. So I prefer to work with advantages and adjust to the disadvantages. Thank you for this info

  4. This is really an informative and helpful article with interesting review story. I really appreciate you Marvin for sharing this with us. I have heard about Vipkid being the an online ESL company that is based in Beijing, China. It was launched in 2014 by its founder and CEO Cindy Mi. It connects North American teachers with students in China between the ages of 4 to 13. They are really doing well in this. I really appreciate your opinion on this company which serves as a many serves as a basics for others decision. Yes, It is unique when is it online, knowledge is power. I love being informed on this wonderful  company which provides incomes to English teachers online, I love to be part of this opportunity.

  5. This is a great opportunity to get an online dream job. The most amazing stuff about this site is you can get to schedule your time lessons increase your work profile at the comfort of your own and not stepping out of your room. Amazing right? Vipkids offed the curriculum on what to teach the kids also and sometimes you get incentives from your clients,cool.Thou it’s hard to change your time if it has been scheduled with a can take up to six months before it can be rescheduled. But an amazing opportunity for you to earn and have time for your family as well. 

    • Thank you for your comment. Schedules are set 2 weeks at a time so they can be changed. You just can’t have more than 6 cancellations on your part within a 6 month period of time.

  6. This is really nice. It has been my dream to always work when I want and get paid for how long I want. Such a program as Vipkid will be a very nice one from all you explained in your article. I will love to try it out but I need to know if I must be too good in English before I can be hired by the company. Secondly, is vipkid accessible from every country?

  7. Wow i never knew site like this exist, where online teaching yield money. But looking at the world today there are so many ways to make money online but based on my hobbies, i think this is meant for people like me, am a HSE instructor, I hope there are no specific areas of teaching. I’m really tempted to apply but don’t know if location would be a barrier. Thanks for this article.

  8. Hi

    I really think that it is not by coincidence that I found your site. I have been looking for an opportunity to make money online by teaching the English language.

    I believe my skill level is above average, and I can easily pass the skill test. A friend of mine sent me a document years ago that contains information on how to offer my teaching service and earn decent money online; sadly, I never gave it much attention.

    Vipkid looks like something I will like to gives a try and see how it goes. Do they have a standard per hour payment or each instructor is paid according to the ability to bargain?

    I will like to sign up under your link, but would also like to know if there are other special requirement for scaling through the hiring process.

    Thanks for sharing your Vipkid experience with us. 

    • Thank you, pay is usually based on experience and on the impression made in the interview. Rates go from $18 to $22 per hour.

  9. Thanks for this informative post on vipkid online teaching, They are incredibly flexible which is why I love it so you can choose how many hours you want to work a week and if you want to even work that week.They also give you all the tools and lessons you need. Allows me to travel the world with a job. I can say the one thing i love is the flexibility.

  10. My daughter is currently being certified to teach English abroad because she wants to travel the world. Me, I’m not quite so adventurous as to want to live abroad myself now that I’m nearing retirement (I’m looking forward to enjoying my own little homestead to the fullest instead!), but the English-major-former-teacher in me was a bit envious of the opportunity, as a whole, that my daughter had found. Until I read about your VIPKid online teaching experience, Marvin, I honestly had no idea that there might be a way for me to be part of a similar experience but from the comfort of my own home. I just never looked into it.

    You say the interview process with VIPKid is rigorous. Can you provide more detail on what you mean by that (or provide a relevant link if you’ve already covered it in detail on your site)? And do you know of any such programs that focus on teaching English to older students, say teens through adults or just adults? I don’t have much experience with very young students, I’m afraid (or is the age-range of your students something you get some control over?). 

    I’m really happy for you that the VIPKid online teaching experience has been so positive for you both professionally and financially. And I’m especially glad you’ve shared that experience and your insights for those of us seeking a similar opportunity.

  11. Dear Marvin,

    Thanks a lot for the helpful and informative post.

    To be honest, last week I was doing some research on teaching English online opportunities I read about some companies like magic ears, Vipkid, landi etc., Except vipkid I read some reviews on the other two and wanted to read and know more about vipkid and your post is a time saver for me.

    Thanks a lot for sharing from your own experience and it adds more value to this post. The advantages and disadvantages you shared almost covered everything to help us making a decision. Indeed Vipkid is amazing and a great opportunity to earn money online.

    Although I love to do it I can’t do it because I am from India (You said they only accept north American teachers) and I don’t have any tesol or tefl certification.

    Much Success!


    • Thank you, yes Vipkid is only taking on English teachers with a North American accent but that could change in the future.

  12. Hello Marvin. This is really a dream job and I have someone living in North America who will definitely find this very helpful. I am not much into teaching but there are some dudes around me who really love that stuff and I will direct them to this website so that they can use your referral link.


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