Make Money Teaching Online (even if your not a teacher)

I have found teaching online jobs to be the most rewarding jobs that you can have.

They have been a blessing in my life and an opportunity that I almost passed up because I simplify was ignorant of this extraordinary and growing industry.

Frankly, the ideal of teaching online intimidated me. I am glad I changed my mind and I pursued it.

I wanted to share some insights that I have gained after teaching online successfully and offer reasons why you should consider teaching English online too.

A Booming Industry Equals Massive Opportunity


It wasn’t that long ago that if your wanted to teach English to non-English speakers you would need to work at a traditional school or travel to another country.

This is not the case now. Furthermore, the market for teaching non-English speakers was very limited but thanks to the internet- not anymore.

If you have a reliable computer with a webcam and an internet connection, you can teach English online to an unlimited number of potential English learners

The current reality is that online learning is a relatively young booming industry that is here to stay. Access to the internet has helped create a market of over a billion potential English learners and educational institutions have taken notice.

Teaching English online is exploding in growth as an industry, especially in China, and it is providing unlimited opportunity for almost anyone who is interested in leveraging this opportunity to generate an income.

Making a Real Difference in the Lives of People


“Give a man a fish and your feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and your feed him for a lifetime.” Maimonides

Teaching someone English is essentially giving them a skill that could “feed” them for a lifetime. English is a global language and it is believed that billions of people rely on it to communicate.

It is often used as a common language for many people who don’t have a common language otherwise.

Learning English can open doors and create opportunities for people who wouldn’t have had opportunity otherwise.

A person’s ability to speak English can increase their chances of getting a job, increase their value to employers, and increase their chances of getting into institutions of higher learning.

Learning English has intrinsic value as well such as increasing knowledge and improving memory.

The benefits of learning English are plentiful and it is important to acquire for non-English speakers. Teaching English online is an endeavor that can make a real difference of the lives of people.

“No Hassle” Teaching


Whether you are a teacher or not, you may be aware that teaching, especially in the United States comes with a large load of frustration.

Long hours, low pay, demanding parenting, unmotivated students, out of touch administrators, and student behavior problems often top the list when research is done on why teachers ultimately quit.

Most teachers become teachers because that want to inspire and contribute to society with meaningful work.

However, forces beyond their control often make these desires almost impossible.

The beauty of teaching English online is a person can often realize the benefits of being a teacher without having to endure these difficulties.

I have been a teacher in a traditional American school for 15 years and the list I have provided doesn’t even come close to giving a full picture of why I have felt frustrated and even defeated on many days throughout my career.

However, as a VIPKid teacher, I can say that these frustrations just don’t exist. I don’t have to stress over lesson plans or grade deadlines. I don’t have to deal with difficult parents.

Behavior problems are almost non-existent because many of the students I teach online are motivated and want to learn. When I finish teaching a group of online English learners,

I feel good and I know that I have provided a meaningful service. I believe being happy and fulfilled in your work is a benefit that is without measure.

The Flexibility of Working from Home


The benefits of teaching English online goes beyond the benefits already listed; it provides an opportunity to make a nice income from the comfort of your own home.

The leverage of working from home include flexible schedule, wear and work in comfortable clothing, no commute, save money, and increased time to be with people you want to be with.

Teaching English online has allowed me to realize all these benefits and experiences.

Furthermore, people’s circumstances may demand a position that only a work from home opportunity can provide.

People that may not be able to commute because of a disability or family obligation may need this type of opportunity. For me, I needed some extra money to pay bills, but I just didn’t have the availability to work a traditional part-time job.

The schedule conflicts were too numerous. Teaching English online from the comfort of my home has allowed me to make that additional income while being able to fit the work into my schedule without sacrificing my obligations to my family or other commitments.

For me it was a rigid schedule but the need for additional income, for others it may be a need to care for children or family members, or for some it may the inability to work a traditional job, whatever the reason: working from home by teaching online can be the key your looking for to solve a real problem.

My Final Thoughts on Teaching Online…


I have been telling my family and friends that working from home is a dream job because it allows you to benefit from a growing industry that is here to stay while making a real and positive impact lives of people.

I am helping children acquire a skill they will be able to use the rest of their life to benefit themselves.

Teaching English online allows a person to benefit from all the strengths of working from home and teach in a system that is without all the difficulties people find from teaching in a traditional school.

For me, it has been one of the easiest and most fulling jobs I have ever had. I am thankful and blessed for finding this.

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24 thoughts on “Make Money Teaching Online (even if your not a teacher)”

  1. Wow! I had no idea that teaching english online was even a possibility! What a fantastic service and there would be so many potential clients out there. I have a friend who travels to China every year for 6 months to teach english to kids and I’m going to tell her about this opportunity. What qualifications are required to become a VIPKid teacher?

    • VIPKid does have some basic requirements in order to be hired: 1.) Bachelor’s degree 2.) some type of teaching experience (almost any type of teaching will qualify) 3.) a native English speaker with a North American accent 4.) be flexible in scheduling (we work early morning hours in the US) and 5.) a love for working with children.

  2. Very interesting! teaching online is something that I have been considering for while. How does it compare to regular/traditional teaching?

    • It is much easier for a number of reasons. Teaching English online can be done from home which allows for a flexible schedule and the earnings potential is unlimited.

  3. Hi there

    This is really amazing. Trust me, this is the first I’m hearing about teaching English online. This is a fantastic platform to meet so many clients. This is an avenue to increase my streams of income. What I simply need from you to help me with the advantage and disadvantages of this and traditional teaching. thanks for this info

  4. It’s amazing what is possible online these days! I never thought you could teach on line.
    But when you’re a teacher, I would imagine that you would get gratification no matter what method you use to teach others.
    And there’s so many people who speak other languages and may live here in the United States who would love to learn English.
    I guess when I think about it, it wouldn’t be that difficult.
    It’s also a great way to work from home which is what so many people today do anyway.
    How many hours a week does this entail?

  5. With the internet being wide open to the world, teaching by far is a great opportunity for teachers wishing to stay home. I feel that having an on line teacher benefits the student for a one on one rapport. Your web site gives so much valuable insights and links to learn by. I know if I was to want to teach on line, this site would be my first choice. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and knowledge. This is something I can pass on to my friends that stay home.

  6. Does one really have to have a bachelors degree to teach English on line? I have a Diploma In theology but I already had very good fluency in English, way before as I have been an inveterate reader, from the age of 6 years.

    I can see that there is a large market,with China, Japan, and the Eastern countries.especially as many students are from poor circumstances, and are already working at a day job.

    The lingua franca of the business world is English, so it behooves foreign language speakers, to be able to communicate in English.

    I have been a teacher, and I understand the discipline problems in our schools,however teaching on line, guarantees that all your students are going to be keen to learn.

    The benefits of not having to commute to work, and the flexibility of working at you own leisure are major.

  7. This is a fantastic and excellent service to everybody out there. I, myself have difficulty sometimes in english grammar but I’m trying hard as much as I can.
    May your online service to your clients grow more all over the world. Thanks

  8. Hi Marvin, and thanks for this great article!
    It’s amazing what we can do over the internet, isn’t it? I remember when you had to travel overseas if you wanted to teach English. And now you can do it from home!
    What a great way for stay at home parents to make extra money too!
    Can you tell me the level of education you need to do this? Is a two-year college certificate enough?

  9. Wow! I never even considered this.  I find it amazing how you found a way to bring value to people’s lives.  My sons are both autistic and absolutely crazy about technology.   Do you think a program like this could help engage that type of mind and push the. Into better speech?  Thank you for the work you do!


  10. Hi Marvin
    This is a really good introduction to teaching online. I’m building a website (slowly) to help kids and parents learn and teach math and physics to their kids or other students.
    It’s very rewarding. Do you do this as a one on one interactive effort or is it more about building videos?
    I can absolutely see the value and rewards from online teaching.
    Good luck.

  11. Great article! VIP Kid is one of the better online teaching platforms due to it’s fast software and great pay rates. Though it may be difficult to onboard sometimes it’s great once you do. Like how you listen four reasons here. Very helpful to the reader. Keep up the good work.

  12. Teaching english online is becoming a norm these days and it is amazing that a lot of students are receiving benefits and getting the attention they deserved. Unlike in a traditional school, teaching english online saves you less hassle and stress and at least you know who is willing to learn without having the trouble of motivating someone to study english. With teaching online, students will be able to do extremely well in their exams. Wonderful article! Thank you for sharing!

  13. What a lovely and rewarding way to earn a wage online – I bet there are many takers for this sort of work among native English speakers…but how do you qualify to do this sort of teaching online?

    I know that there are certain qualification requirements in the ‘physical world’ of teaching at schools, but what do you need to qualify to teach online? Do you need past experience with teaching? English qualifications? 

    • Thank you for the comment. Vipkid requires a bachelor’s degree, and 1 year of some-type of teaching experience (teaching almost anything to anyone, and they base this qualification based on what you tell them).

  14. I heard that you can make a certain commission by referring teachers to the VIPKid program. Just wondering how much you can make through that. Thank you.


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