My VIPKid Experience

I have been teaching English online with VIPKid since 2018. I am a traditional “brick and mortar” teacher and have been for 15 years.

Teaching English or anything else to children isn’t intimidating, however teaching online can be and I wanted to share my story in order to encourage others who may be considering VIPKid online teaching to generate income.

In February 2018, I was sent a message on Facebook Messenger about a VIPKid online teaching opportunity. I looked at it, closed it, and didn’t even consider it for another 5 months.

In June 2018, I decided I needed to generate some additional income and I took another look at the message about becoming a VIPKid teacher.

I filled out an online application and in order to be considered for the position I would need to do a “demo” video. This is the part I found intimidating because making a video and putting it online is something, I was not very comfortable with, and I put off the idea for another month.

In July 2018, I made the decision to go for it. I studied the material provided by VIPKid. I watched YouTube videos, researched websites, and created the demo video. I submitted it.

It worked and I was selected for an interview. The interview process took me about three weeks and at the end of August I was hired as a VIPKid teacher.

In August 2018 I was teaching English online for VIPKid.

As of today, I am teaching English online to Chinese students. I work very part-time (I still teach and coach at a traditional school) and making about $800 per month which surpassed my original goal.

VIPKid online teaching as allowed me to meet my financial goals and I love it. I hope the information you find here will encourage you to become a VIPKid teacher.

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The VIPKid Experience

VIPKid is an ESL education company based in China that allows teachers the opportunity to earn an income by teaching English online to students in China.

Being a VIPKid teacher is a wonderful opportunity for people who want to work from home, people who travel, and people who want to generate either a full-time or part-time income.

VIPKid teachers are English speakers from North America.

They teach Chinese students between the ages of 4 to 12.

The English classes are 25 minutes long and on a one-to-one teacher to student ratio. VIPKid education was rated #1 by Forbes in 2018 for the top 100 companies to work for online.

According to the AP, VIPKid is recognized by Glassdoor as one of the best places to work in 2019.

How do you begin your VIPKid Experience?

All VIPKid applicants go through the same hiring process:

  • Apply
  • Demo
  • Mock Lessons
  • Sign contract and set up for lessons.

The process can be done in a couple of weeks. It took me close to a month (3 weeks) because I was still working my full-time job during the process.

The hiring process is a little lengthy because VIPKid is preparing and training applicants to teach English online.

I would call it learn to earn I found the process to be very helpful as I became a VIPKid teacher.

VIPKid online teaching does have some basic requirements in order to be hired:

1.) Bachelor’s degree

2.) some type of teaching experience (almost any type of teaching will qualify)

3.) a native English speaker with a North American accent

4.) be flexible in scheduling (we work early morning hours in the US)

The application experience

As mentioned, the first step is to simply apply.

Second, you will submit a Demo video to VIPKid to be evaluated. This is a lesson you teach to an imaginary student. I found this part of the process to be awkward, but I found plenty of online resources (such as videos on YouTube) to help me prepare a proper demo.

Once the application and demo are submitted and evaluated, VIPKid will notify you regarding the next phase of the interview process (mock lessons).

Third, you will need to prepare for your mock lessons using the VIPKid online teaching method, which includes necessary technology, and the VIPKid curriculum and standards. You take a quiz and prepare for a mock lesson.

Then, you teach a mock lesson. During this stage, I immersed myself the material provided by VIPKid and I continued to utilize other resources online to prepare for the mock lessons.

I actually had to teach two mock lessons which is common in this process. Like the demo, this is an awkward step because you are teaching to an adult who is pretending to be a 5-year-old child for a full length (25 minute) lesson.

Finally, the mocks are evaluated and VIPKid notifies you about the results. If hired, you sign your contract, upload required documents (Bachelor’s degree, certifications, identification, etc.), pass a background check, and create a profile.

At this point, you are ready to submit your schedule and work towards getting bookings. Congratulations, you are a VIPKid teacher!

The pay experience

VIPKid notifies you of your pay rate before you sign your contract. It is a little different for everyone.

The pay rate per class (25-minute lesson) is $7 to $9. You typically teach two classes per hour, so you take your rate and multiply by two in order to determine your hourly rate.

VIPKid offers addition incentives to increase that rate per class (incentives are based upon 1.) starting and finishing a class on time 2.) the number of classes you teach in a month).

VIPKid teachers make between $18 to $22 per hour and sometimes more. Your experience and your demo determine your starting rate with VIPKid (so the demo needs to be done well).

The pay I have made has been exactly what I needed to meet the initial financial goals I set for myself.

More on My Experience


Final Thought

Teaching English online, with VIPKid, has been a great experience for me. I can make an income from the comfort of my home by helping children.

It has made me a better teacher, the additional money has been wonderful, and it is a job that I truly enjoy.

If you decide to be a VIPKid teacher, I highly recommend it.

Interested in Working for VIPKid

Click on the VIPKid Application Link

Already applied but you haven’t completed the certification process?

You can add my referral code: 1. Go to the VIPKid website 2. click on “My account” 3. add Referral Code: MARVI0003


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37 thoughts on “My VIPKid Experience”

    • I am a teacher. Vipkid doesn’t require that you be a teacher to apply however they want to see some type of teaching experience. Almost any teaching experience (ie Sunday school teacher, tennis instructor, etc..) will satisfy the application process.

  1. Hi Marvin

    That is a very interesting review of Vipkid. It sounds like a very daunting process for selection. I have a couple of questions, why must you have a North American accent, as Queen’s English is better understood?
    The second question is how does this compare to other online teaching jobs!



    • Not sure about the need for a North American accent, it is a requirement of Vipkid. I really can’t speak for other companies, since I haven’t worked for them but this information online.

  2. Wow very interesting article, I have no idea website like this exist, where you can teach and earn money for that. But I guess these days you just have to do a good research, because out there (online) there are so many opportunities to earn money. I think this is ideal for people like me who likes travel all over the world. But sadly I’m not from US, maybe you know is there something similar for people from UK?

  3. I completely understand your hesitation of not wanting to create a video, I have been encouraged to do this with my projects and I just can’t seem to get past the fear of it.

    That’s an incredible opportunity for the children in China to learn English, this is the first I’ve ever heard of this technique.

    Its great that VIPKID offers some training but do you have any resources on the education needed to get this far?

  4. This really interests me. I read that you are a teacher.
    But in one comment you said that you are not required to be a teacher?
    I’m wondering how this works because I love helping people.
    I never heard of VIPKid before but it sounds like anyone could do it.
    But as I’m reading you do state that you at least have to have some teaching experience which would make sense.
    I’d like to look into it. How long does it take to get started?

    • Yes, I am a traditional teacher by trade but there are many people who teach for Vipkid who are not. Vipkid teachers come from all walks of life. Vipkid requires a bachelors degree (in almost anything) and some teaching experience (teaching almost anything: tennis lessons, yoga, kite making, etc.) but you don’t have to be a licensed teacher.

  5. Hi there

    This is really motivating post. I have so much missed so much opportunity like that to be financially free the way you did close those ads of VipKid. This VipKid might be challenging but I believe it is a better way to improve financially. This is an absolutely good platform. It is better than the traditional teaching. I am going to have good experience of this wonderful platform. Thank you for this info 

  6. Thank you for the full disclosure on the process of becoming a VIPKid instructor. It helps those who are considering working with them. I shared the article with a teacher friend of mine who is looking for some extra income. 

    The pay rate per class is a little low in my eyes, but I can see the benefits as well. Working from home, no commute, etc. 

    Is this something that someone could do full-time?

    Thanks again for sharing the process with us.

  7. Hi there. Thank you for writing this great article. I’m definitely going to try VIPKID. But I’m not from America and also a student. Can you kindly share your personal experiences when taking the mock lesson? Is it difficult? I’m still wondering how a adult will act like a five year old. It looks difficult to me. 

    • Thank you, you don’t actually have to be from North America, you need a North American accent when you speak English. I am not sure the reason of this requirement. The mock is awkward but there are lots of resources available to prepare.

  8. Wow, I wonder if I could teach English like that, considering an online income. How to communicate with them? Do you need to use the Chinese language also while teaching?

    Do you still have your mock lesson or the demo? May I see it?

    • Everything is prepared for you, no speaking in Chinese. I don’t have my personal demo or mock, those belong to Vipkid. I can point you to the sample demos I used to prpare for mine.

  9. I must commend you for taking your time to share this article. I have really been searching for an online job but got none and I’m glad I came across your site because this is an answer to my search problem. I really love the experience you shared and I will love to also experience it and the fact in this article shows that this is legit and I will be going for it Thanks for sharing your experience.

  10. I’ve seen VIPKid here and there but never thought I could do it because I don’t have a teaching degree. Your article was very informative and intrigued me to know more about this. I have a bachelors degree in psychology and I’ve been homeschooling my children for about a decade now (here in Texas where I live). Do you think I would potentially have a chance? 

  11. Marvin, this is so great. I have been teaching kids 6 years old to 11 years old for the past 20 years and recently I decided to that at the end of April 2019 I will close that chapter in my life. Now I am all excited about teaching again. I have never heard of VIPKid but it definitely sounds like something I will consider. The only thing for me is producing the YouTube videos. I am not sure how I will handle that but I am certainly willing to try. Are there any upfront costs that I need to consider? I have bookmarked the page and if/when I decide to go the VIPKid way, I will do so via your affiliate link. Thank you so much for sharing. Great work.

    • You don’t have to produce Youtube videos. You teach on a platform provided for by Vipkid (its similar to skpe). I used Youtube to learn how to do the demo and mock interviews. There really is no up front costs.I hope this helps

  12. I am a student of English and doing MA in English. I have some students in my English learning Club. VipKid was totally unknown to me. But after reading your post, I am thinking to teach online too. It may help me to earn some extra money as it is paying you smart payment per hour. 

    I have no idea about making any demo video but I am interested to teach here as a full time teacher. Can you help me out to make the demo video? Or should I apply first?

  13. I have seen a few adverts in the employment classified section for VIPkid. My general nature is to be skeptical of anything that says “work from home” and I passed it over much like you did. I very much have changed my opinion on it however, after reading your article. I do not have a lot of experience in teaching an actual class but I do have tutoring in my past – maybe I’ll give this a try. Thanks so much for the information!

  14. This is a very timely article for me, as I have been looking for ways to leverage my experience in teaching over and above offering canned online video courses that I am tapping into now. I had not heard of VIPKid until I came across your post, and it really opened my eyes to this opportunity.

    I have the requisite experience and degrees and even have spent some time in China in the past. This really sounds perfect for adding another stream of income to my online activities while doing something that I love to do (teach). The pay is not that bad, and the onboarding process is not too daunting…

    I do have a few questions…Is there two-way communication possible with the student during the classes? Also, how have you found the resources they offer to develop your class outlines? Are you allowed to add in your own materials? Do they provide some sort of earnings statement for tax purposes? Is there a similar program for adults? Lots of questions, I know…

    I really appreciate you sharing this with readers, I know it will not be for some people, but for me, it is something really fitting. There are some gaps in my work where I can squeeze this in, and I can adjust my schedule around these classes. You have made my day and I thank you for that! 

    • The program is for children only, VIPKid makes all the material, and they give you a tax form at the end of each year for taxes. The lessons are one on one and two way communication is part of it.

  15. Hi Marvin,

    Thank you for providing your exclusive experience with VipKid. We know that there are a lot of online learning platforms out there and yet there are also a lot of scams online trying to steal people’s hard earn money.

    Thus, it is important to have a thorough review on a specific platform so that we won’t waste time on a fake/bad teaching platform. I used to spend a lot of time applying but many platforms are just scams. Therefore, I found your post to be very helpful for those who want to earn extra money by teaching. It is also neat that you layout the application process. Great Work!

  16. Dear Marvin,

    Thanks a lot for sharing your experience and I enjoyed reading your article. For the last two weeks I was doing some research on ESL teaching and came across few sites like magic ears, landi, vipkid etc., I read many good reviews about VIPKid and wanted to do some research but your post saved me a lot of time.

    Great walk-through and you covered all the required details on becoming a Vipkid teacher. Although I love to join, I am from India and I don’t have tesol or tefl certificate so I believe I am not qualified. However thanks a lot for sharing this helpful article.

    Much Success!


  17. I love your article and it’s well detailed steps on how to become a VipKid Teacher, though it seems challenging but I believe it is a better way to boost the financial aspect of one’s life.  It seems like a good platform, in my own opinion it is better than the traditional teaching job.

      I really love the experience you shared and I will love to also experience it and everything about this article shows how  legit it is, I will definitely going for it. 

    I would need your assistance with the mock lesson or demo. 

    Do you still have it? 

  18. This is a very interesting opportunity. I have looked into other companies similar to VIPKid but they all have similar requirements that I don’t meet specifically the bachelor’s degree and perhaps the North American accent. But once I do get my bachelor’s, this does seem like something I would apply into as I do have experience teaching kids. One thing I am wondering about is, does being fluent in Mandarin help the process of selection? I was born in Canada but my parents are from China so I’m fluent in both Mandarin and English.


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