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Never heard of VIPKid? What is VIPKid? What opportunities are available with VIPKid? Do people make money with VIPKid? These are all excellent questions for someone that has never heard of VIPKid or VIPKid is new to them. Let’s look closer with this VIPKid Review.

In this post, I am going to answer these basic questions and a few more to give you a real overview of what VIPKid is and what it could mean for you.

(** I no longer teach online ESL with VIPKid, I teach exclusively on Outschool. It is a superior opportunity and if you want to teach online, check out my review here. )

VIPKid – My Review of VIPKid

Name: VIPKid


Owners: Cindy Mi, CEO

Overall Rank: 81 out of 100 points

What is VIPKid?


VIPKid is an ESL (English as a Second Language) company based out of China. It was founded in 2013 and launched in 2014 by its current founder and CEO Cindy Mi.

VIPKid developed an English learning curriculum that is utilized on its own video chat platform. VIPKid uses English-speaking teachers (tutors) from the United States and Canada to teach English Language Learners (students from China) through its curriculum and video chat platform.

Essentially, VIPkid is an English learning online platform that connects English teachers from the United States and Canada with children (from China) who are wanting to learn English.


Currently, VIPKid has over 600,000 students and 80,000 teachers. In 2018, the company was valued at over $3 billion dollars. It is the fastest-growing startup company in China.

It was the #1 rated online work from home opportunity in 2018 according to Forbes. It was ranked higher than some companies such as Amazon and Dell. It was ranked in the top 3 of all online companies to remote work in 2019 according to Flex jobs.

The Teachers

The teachers come from a variety of backgrounds and live all over the world and currently VIPKid has about 80,000 teachers.

The teachers are hired as independent contractors. The teachers that work at VIPKid must be eligible to work in the United States or Canada.

They don’t have to be naturalized citizens of these countries nor do they need to live there. They have at least a bachelor’s degree, but it doesn’t have to be a bachelor’s in education. Many teachers hold multiple degrees including Masters and Doctorates.

The teachers must have at least one year of teaching experience, but that experience doesn’t have to be at a traditional school. Many VIPKid teachers are current and former traditional teachers but many are not.

VIPKid teachers come from all backgrounds including but not limited to doctors, lawyers, stay at home parents, and people with all types of business backgrounds.

Basically, VIPKid teachers come from large and diverse populations. VIPKid doesn’t discriminate and is an equal opportunity employer. The VIPKid curriculum is prepared by VIPKid and so there isn’t much after work prep.

VIPKid teachers are expected to teach fun and interactive lessons and provide the parents with feedback.

The Students


The students are Chinese children that mostly range in ages 4 to 12. Children and students are required to learn English in their traditional schools.

They need to be proficient in a second language in order to pass the exams necessary to enter institutions of higher learning, which is why learning English and being fluent in English is so important to the Chinese students and parents.

The students at VIPKid learn on a one-to-one basis with the VIPKid teachers.


The Pay


Most teachers at VIPKid make between $18 to $22 per hour. Pay is on a per-class and teachers usually teach 2 classes per hour. In North America, teachers work early mornings, and throughout the weekends.

A part-time teacher can reasonably expect to make between $500 to $1500 per month and full-time teachers can make around $4000 per month.

It is dependent on the number of classes a teacher teaches. VIPKid offers additional incentives for a variety of services so there is an opportunity to make more money.

The Experience

Most teachers, including myself, find working for VIPKid is a positive and rewarding experience. The overall job is relatively easy especially compared to traditional teaching.

The benefits include having a flexible schedule and working with students that are already motivated and eager to learn.

The downsides include working early morning hours (in North America), difficulty canceling classes (even in an emergency), getting enough bookings (it takes time in the very beginning), and technology issues from time to time.

The interview process can be rigorous and can take a couple of weeks to complete.

However, despite the downsides, it is a great job that allows you to work and make money from the comfort of your home.

My Final Thought on VIPKid …


I have been working for VIPKid just shy of a year.

When I first started working for VIPKid I wanted to make an additional $500 per month. I am happy to report that I have far exceeded that and if this opportunity sounds interesting to you. you should pursue it.

VIPKid at a Glance…

Name: VIPKid


Owners: Cindy Mi, CEO

Overall Rank: 81 out of 100 points

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Work - Life Balance






Pay and Benefits



  • Established Company
  • Lessons are created for you
  • Good Culture


  • Pay can be low for the industry

23 thoughts on “VIPKid Review”

  1. I have to start by saying that earning between $18 to $22 per hour online is a pretty good result in this day and age – very reasonable pay when you compare it to other online jobs. 

    I’m wondering how you are regulated as a teacher when you are carrying out your job with VIPKid? Is there a constant report or feedback linked to your teaching performance?

  2. Great article! My wife who is a teacher actually looked into this. She would be perfect for it since she was a reading teacher dealing with a lot of ESL students in Texas. The only reason she didn’t pursue was because of the time of day she would have to do it and with two small children, one a newborn at home it just isn’t feasible for her at this time. Is there any suggestion you have or insight beside what you wrote in your article about the time of day for?

    • The teaching time is based on the Bejing Time zone. It isn’t as difficult as it sounds. The benefit is that I am usually done teaching by 8 am most days which gives me the rest of the day to myself. 

  3. Thanks a lot for the complete walk-through on VIPKid.

    I learned a lot of valuable information about VIPkid from your posts. Your story inspired me to apply for VIPKid. Unfortunately, since I am from India I am not eligible. However, I recently shared your post with my blogging friends who lives in USA.

    In the online world where 1000’s of make money online programs are scams and which under-delivers, thanks for sharing a legit way to make money online and making the difference in many lives.

    Much Success!


  4. Thank you for this article, I find it very informative. I’m one of those people who’ve never heard of VIPKid.
    What I particularly like about the company is that it recruits teachers from various backgrounds and different countries.
    Also, the salary is attractive. The best thing is that you’ve been working for VIPKid and you’re sharing your experiences.

  5. Hey Marvins, this was quite an interesting post on your vipkidexperience and my interest hs been peaked as i love to teach and this would be an extra source of income. I am going to sign up now and would write you a mail in case i need any form of assistance, Thanks for sharing this amazingopportunity

  6. Hi, Marvin.
    It was an interesting article . Thanks for sharing the information on VIPkid.
    You mentioned that it is not necessary to be a citizen  of America or Canada. I am from India and have post graduate degree. Do we have Indians in VIPkid as teachers?
    It is nice to know that VIPkid is a professional organisation giving positive and rewarding experience to the users.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

  7. The funniest things is that I am just knowing vipkid is launched by a country like China. This is a good development about learning English language as the second languages. For the fact that it is an open opportunity for many people that want to work as a teacher because it doesn’t require an education degree, makes it very interesting to me. You only need to be able to work in America. Their red flags is not a challenge but something that can’t seized to happen because of difference in country weather and climate. This review is able to open my eyes to many fact about vipkid review. 

  8. The Vipkid experience sounds pretty cool.  I like the fact someone has made a program that can be performed from the US and Canada without having to be in a real class.

    It is hard getting teachers to relocate to China, so providing this service is great for Chinese students who need to learn English.

    It is so good that VIPkid company provides all the materials so that you don’t need to think too much and can concentrate on the teaching aspect more.

    The pay isn’t amazing but a great little bit of extra cash to help out with life.

    I would be interested in this program because it sounds really good.

  9. You really did a great job with your review on the VIPKID. I never heard of this before but thanks to your article i now know better and the opportunity they offer is quite interesting.

    Learning English language is always a challenge to children in the non english speaking country especially the less privileged once whose parents can’t afford a better school but with the VIPKID i believe the problem is half solved. 

    One more point i love about the VIPKID is that it is a great job that allows you to work and make money from the comfort of your home. I sure will give it a try.

    Thanks for sharing.


  10. Short and to the point!!! Short and sweet is what some people say…

    I know you must get lots of questions about VIPKid so for the purpose of commenting here, in WA, I’ll ask you just one question.

    Are you gaining real teaching experience from VIPKid? Keeping in mind the amount of experience you gain from teaching in brick and mortar school/s.

    I feel like, if I was a customer, that I would buy into VIPKid based on this post alone…

    I knew of the internet a long time ago. I never thought one day that online learning would become a reality. Its believable that this is a multi-billion dollar company. Your Youtube embedded video is warm-hearted and that’s a positive!

    It might become a heated debate elsewhere on the web but I don’t think any sane person thinks its a scam!

    Your images are exciting. I can’t criticise you there!

    As on WA it seems to be a rule that we provide some negative feedback so I’ll try. Its hard to find anything so I’ll speak technically…

    1. Your banner, as the last image below, seems a bit big. You could, if its a genuine technique in WA, add two versions of it. One in the middle of the article and one at the bottom. I would be interested to click it halfway down because your writing is so clear (I know you’re an English teacher).

    2. At least in my lessons here in WA (which I’m still involved in) I learnt that the last heading shouldn’t be written as ‘conclusion’.
    I know you have more experience here within WA so I hope I didn’t offend you. I know some rules aren’t as strict as others…

    I hope I was of assistance!

  11. This looks like an amazing platform. My wife is a teacher, but because the government here it is hard to find a good job in that. I will show her this, she can stay home, but teach English to these child’s and get paid! Thanks a lot for sharing this, I’m happy I crossed it. 

  12. Oh my god VIPkid sounds like a dream job if I can earn $4k just by teaching English, sign me up! Even for part-time, $500 to $1.5k per month isn’t all that bad, my only regret is that I never explored this earlier. Since we’ll be teaching students from China, do we need to have prior knowledge of Mandarin or Cantonese as well to converse with them?

  13. Vipkid sounds like a dream teaching job. I have so many friends who live abroad and struggle to find teaching jobs. I have to tell them about this program. It sounds like its well worth the effort. Do you need a teaching degree or will a BA in another subject or a certificate in teaching be enough? 


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