Super Affiliate System Review

In this Super Affiliate System Review, we will look closer at John Crestani’s online affiliate marketing training platform. What is Super Affiliate System (SAS)? This post is for both people who may never have heard of SAS or maybe considering it for the first time.

Before I get into specifics about SAS, I want to discuss briefly affiliate marketing and why those who want to make a reliable income online should consider it. I wrote a lengthy post here on affiliate marketing here so you may want to check it out.

If you are new to the concept of affiliate marketing, it is good to have a basic understanding of it before you invest in an affiliate marketing system such as SAS.

In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is the process of making money by promoting the products or services of some else.

Online affiliate marketers often use websites, blogs, and social media to promote a wide variety of products and services and when a sale is made, they get paid.

Anyone can be an affiliate marketer, however, there is a necessary education that is needed to truly be successful at it. This is where SAS comes into play.

In another post, I discuss in detail Wealthy Affiliate (WA). Much like WA, SAS is an educational platform that helps people tap into affiliate marketing as an income source.

I am not making a recommendation, instead, I want to provide some information that may be helpful for someone looking to make money online with affiliate marketing but may be unfamiliar with SAS.

I believe SAS as well WA are both excellent platforms and since one shoe doesn’t fit all, I would encourage anyone to read and do as much research as needed to see what the best fit for them is.

Super Affiliate System (SAS) – My Review of Super Affiliate System

Name: Super Affiliate System

Website: start.imjetset,com

Price: $997

Owners: John Crestani

Overall Rank: 74 out of 100 points


What is Super Affiliate System (SAS)? and Who is John Crestani?


Super Affiliate System (SAS) is a complete online affiliate marketing training program. It is one of many that you can find online such as Wealthy Affiliate.

The biggest difference between SAS and other online affiliate marketing educational platforms is that SAS focuses more on paid web traffic whereas other programs focus on organic traffic.

SAS costs $997 to join and it comes with training videos, a wide variety of resources, and community support. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee/ refund if you are not happy.

SAS is founded by John Crestani. John Crestani is a well-known online marketer and entrepreneur; He has a book out called “Work at Home Secrets and Scams.”

He is an expert in paid advertising through Google, YouTube, Facebook, and other online advertising platforms.

He was an e-Commerce manager and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) analyst for several firms and achieved success in increasing ROI (return on investment) through online paid advertising. This is the reason SAS emphasizes paid advertising.

The Super Affiliate System 3.0

The Super Affiliate System 3.0 is John Crestani’s latest course and in this post, I am not making a recommendation but instead I want to give you some information that you can use to determine if SAS is right for you.

As already stated, the cost of SAS 3.0 is $997 which can’t be understated but it is still a lot less than what you would pay for if you attended a local college or university (around $25000 per semester at most schools) and the education you would be purchasing would far extend the purchase price.

John Crestani does a good job of updating his material and it is extremely friendly to those who are new to affiliate marketing. It originally came out in 2015 was priced at $5000 but the price has been reduced to its current $997 cost.

For those that purchase SAS, they can expect a 6-week course on topics such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Native Ads, and YouTube Ads. The course starts you with small ad buys and then scale up once they are profitable.

Everything that is taught is broken down into simple steps.

Again, this a complete affiliate marketing training for aspiring affiliate marketers with an emphasis on paid advertising. The system features initial training (a 6-week course with over 50 hours of content),

Designed for You (DFY) Ad campaigns, support group/ community via a private Facebook group, and weekly live coaching via a variety of webinars.

The system is extensive, and members are encouraged to set aside a couple of hours each day, in the beginning, to learn the basics that Crestani is teaching.

Here is a look at the user interface:

The user interface is relatively easy to navigate and utilize.


Initial Course Content:

Here is a detailed breakdown of what to expect each week:

The initial course is broken down over 6 modules which should be completed in 6 weeks. Here is the course content

Here is a detailed breakdown of what to expect each week:

Week 1 – System Setup

  • Goal setting
  • How to join affiliate networks such as Clickbank
  • Setting up a website
  • How to set up a presell page
  • How to set up Facebook Ads
  • How to work with Affiliate Network

This is really good information if you are new to affiliate marketing or you need a refresher in the basics.

Week 2 – Google Ads Setup

  • Google Ads Introduction
  • Google Search Ads Setup
  • Google Display Ads Setup
  • AdWords Conversion Pixel Setup
  • Common Google Ads Mistakes

This is a very important week and training module. When it comes to affiliate marketing, understanding, and utilizing Google effectively is vitally important.

Week 3 – YouTube Ads Setup

  • YouTube Ads Introduction
  • YouTube Channel Setup
  • YouTube Ad Setup
  • Why Exclude Mobile?
  • Common YouTube Mistakes

This a thorough walkthrough on how to utilize YouTube in your business.

Week 4 – Advanced Tactics

  • Advanced Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Mistakes
  • How to Keep a Complaint Facebook Ad Campaign
  • How to Breakthrough
  • Speaking to the Reptile Brain
  • How to Hack People’s Trust
  • Highly Profitable Headlines
  • Famous Copywriters

This module focuses on two major themes: the use of Facebook (social media) and converting readers to leads then eventual sales.

Week 5 – Presell Pages and Scaling

  • Presell Pages Introduction
  • Split Testing Presell Pages
  • Common Presell Page Mistakes
  • Scaling Basics
  • Payout Bumps

The focus of this module is the effective use of Clickfunnels along with the effective use of preselling pages.

Week 6 – Product Selection

  • Product Setup Information
  • Choosing Your Niche
  • Finding Clickbank Offers
  • Finding Offers on Other Affiliate Networks
  • Common Mistakes of Choosing an Offer

This week and module are a little different from the others because the focus is on what to sale whereas the other weeks focused on how to.

So, this covers the meat of the course. Of course, as mentioned, the course comes with additional supports and resources to guide an aspiring affiliate marketer on their affiliate marketing journey.

Pros and Cons

I like SAS and I believe if you are new to affiliate marketing or in the need for additional knowledge on this form of online business, it is worth the investment. There are certain things I like about SAS but like any other course on internet marketing, there are some things I find wanting. Here is my list of Pros and Cons:


  • It is geared towards those who need an education in the basics of affiliate marketing.
  • You will learn a great deal about Facebook, Google, YouTube, and other types of online advertising
  • Paid advertising is the focus and if utilized effectively can get quick results
  • Lots of resources
  • Community support


  • the cost ($997)
  • it is geared towards paid advertising so you will need additional funds for an advertising budget if you are going to effectively use the system
  • you will NOT learn about FREE strategies such as SEO
  • some modules (weeks) are lacking in the information that is given (SAS is a good starting place, but you must be prepared to go beyond the training SAS supplies)

Other Possibilities

When discussing online affiliate marketing training courses such as SAS, the question always arises: Is it the best one available? The answer to that is it really depends.

If you are looking for a course that can boost your affiliate marketing business via paid advertising than it is one of the better programs online.

It isn’t perfect and there are other ways to get into affiliate marketing besides paid advertising. In addition, there are other alternatives to SAS if you want to learn about paid advertising, free advertising, and SEO.

The question is what the best fit for your needs is if affiliate marketing is something you want to do and only you can answer that.

My Final Thoughts on Super Affiliate System…

The focus of John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System 3.0 is affiliate marketing based on traffic generated through paid advertising. In addition to the $997 to purchase the system, you will need an advertising budget to make it work.

I have used the system and I like it but if you are short on funds there are alternatives.

My top recommendation for those who want to learn about affiliate marketing and all that it entails but cost is an obstacle is Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you about all aspects of affiliate marketing including but not limited to paid advertising, SEO, selling through Amazon, Clickbank, and other affiliate networks.

Furthermore, the resources and community at Wealthy Affiliate are outstanding.

Wealthy Affiliate’s community utilizes a news feed of blogs that allow its members to communicate with each other and support one another in the affiliate marketing journey.

Of course, both platforms have something to offer so you may want to do both such as I have but if upfront funding is an obstacle than Wealthy Affiliate is a good starting point.

Did I mention that Wealthy Affiliate is FREE to join and get started? Of course, you step up and get the premium membership that gives you a number of the same benefits that are enjoyed at SAS but the premium membership is only $49 per month which is a little easier to swallow than the upfront cost of SAS.

Super Affiliate System at a Glance…

Name: Super Affiliate System

Website: start.imjetset,com

Price: $997

Owners: John Crestani

Overall Rank: 74 out of 100 points

Check out my full review and introduction of Wealthy Affiliate here.

(***Affiliate links populate this page which means if you click through and make a purchase, I will earn a small commission – at no cost to you- which is used to pay for this web page. Thank you. ***)

Super Affiliate System











  • Excellent Training
  • Great Support
  • Effective Techniques


  • High Price

7 thoughts on “Super Affiliate System Review”

  1. I had already heard about the Super Affiliate System, but I needed more information and an honest review. Since this is a pretty expensive program for my budget, I didn’t want to be cheated and enroll until I got all the information. From this post, I have concluded that I already know 50% of this training and that I will probably look at the training offered by Wealthy Affiliate. 

  2. I would say the SAS is a bit steep in price. Especially comparing it to WA. There seems to be some good courses at SAS but you probably could get them all at WA, as well as, on YouTube or BitChute. But, another alternative to look at. Thank you for this. 

  3. Thank you for your post. It is useful for me. I started my online business for a while now and am actively looking for money-making opportunities. Program like SAS could be my target one.

    Your review on the program is informative. I particularly like your Pros and Cons analyses. At this stage of my business, $997 is a lot of money. Right now I am in the Wealthy Affiliate program and I have a lot of new things for me to learn daily. I need to focus on the free strategies such as SEO. As my business progress, I will definitely test the SAS.

    It is kind of you sharing the information with us.

  4. This was a very thorough review of the Super Affiliate System.  I have never seen the courses and the content of the courses laid out this way.  I was wondering if there is a way to pay for the course monthly.  I might have missed it as I read the article, but $996 is a chunk all at once.  Also, if I don’t like the course, can I get any money back depending on which I want to stop.  I have been in affiliate marketing for awhile because the concept made sense to me… selling for other companies for a commission.  I learned, as you wrote, from nothing through the initially free course you mentioned at the end of your article.  Although I think both programs offer great content, I thing Wealthy Affiliate is a better value. As I compare the two.  Hard work is needed for either.  Thanks for this thorough review.

  5. This is really a nice review on the Super Affiliate System. I have never come across this, but it seems like a real deal. You’re absolutely right in your comparison between Wealthy Affiliate and SAS. 

    But I feel here that SAS is best for me because it focuses more on paid traffic, and this is really what I and not just free traffic alone to move my business to the next level.

    Thank you for this article.


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