Getting and Keeping a Full Schedule at VIPKid

Being a VIPKid teacher can be a very positive experience. It is nice to be able to make a reliable income from the comfort of your home working online. In order to make money with VIPKid, you must teach students which means students must book your class. To make as much money as possible with VIPKid, you must have a fully booked schedule, more than 90% of the slots you open get booked and stay booked, This post will discuss what a VIPKid teacher must do to get a full schedule and keep it that way. Let’s discuss….

It Takes Time

Before we get into the things VIPKid teachers must do to get and keep a full schedule, we need to discuss time. In short, there is no magic bullet or trick.

In order to get a full schedule, you must build a full schedule and just like building almost anything, it will take time. For most VIPKid teachers, it takes 2 to 3 months to build a full schedule.

With that said, it is important that a new VIPKid teacher remains patient and utilize the time between signing the contract and getting a full schedule as a time to train and learn.

Once a VIPKid teacher has built a full schedule, there will be less time to train and learn so you want to unitize the opportunity you have. The bookings and the full schedule will come, so prepare for it.

Give Your Best Class Every Class

There are several key things a VIPKid teacher must do to build a full schedule. The first key is giving every student that shows up in front of you the very best lesson you can teach.

This must be done every time. Every student you teach is a potential regular student. Make sure that you are using TPR, props, and keeping the student engaged throughout the entire lesson and class.

Make sure that at the end of every class, you did everything you could to help the student to like you. A student that likes you will encourage the parent to re-book.


The more students that re-book will become regular students and it will be easier to get and keep your schedule full.

Open as Many Slots as Possible

Open as many slots as possible and try to open the same slots each week so that the students that want to book with you will have the same opportunity every week.

If you are a new VIPKid teacher, consider working throughout the night on Friday and Saturday to entice as many people as possible to book with you.

As more people book your class and follow you, you will then be able to shape the schedule you want. Make sure that you have slots opened during Peak Times and Peak Peak Times, so you have a chance at booking regulars and new students.

Communicate with them through effective feedback as well.

Write your feedback in a way that you would want a teacher to write about your child and give the parents as many reasons to book with you as possible. Always sign your feedback with your SHOW name so parents can easily find you again.

If you have a WeChat account, share your username with parents, so you can communicate with them and keep them informed of when you are available to teach.

Get Certified and More Certified

The more certifications you have the more access to students you will have. You want to be certified on every level of the Major Courses as soon as possible.

You want to be certified for trial classes and supplemental courses as well. Check your certifications in your teacher portal to see what you have and look for any certifications you can add.

The more certifications you have, the more students can sign up for your class. If you certify Pre-VIPKid, you will have additional flexibility with the times you can teach for those specific students.

Teacher Profile and Tags

You should always be looking for ways to improve your teacher profile so that you stick out and make yourself more attractive to potential parents and students.

You want to have a profile that looks professional for parents and showcase a classroom that looks fun and engaging for students. Do you have an interesting introduction video?

Have you showcased something in your video that would make you stand out? Do you have a professional profile photo that stands out? Do you have two additional photos that highlight your personality?

If you have photos of yourself with your children or children in general, this is helpful. When parents look at your profile, they should have some ideal of what type of teacher you are and what your class will be like.

Write your bio in a way that entices parents to read it and highlight your qualifications and experience. Ask other teachers for feedback on your current profile and suggestions on improvement.

Attend the workshops at VIPKid on improving your profile, and do some research through YouTube and Facebook groups on ideas on how to make your profile better.

Ask the Freshdesk for what tags are associated with your teacher profile.

You should have 5 personality tags, if you have less than 5 ask the Freshdesk to review your profile and add more tags. Make sure that all the qualification tags are representative of your actual qualifications.

Feedback and Final Thoughts

Finally, when you write feedback for a completed class, ask the parents for a 5-apple feedback in return. The more 5-apple feedback you have will make you more attractive to parents.

Also, ask parents to follow you at VIPKid so they will be notified when you open slots.

If you give the student a great class, write great feedback and ask them to follow you and give you a 5-apple feedback, this will ensure that they will be willing to re-book with you and entice new students and parents to do the same.

I hope this post has helped you to recognize what you need to do to get and keep a full schedule at VIPKid, so you can make as much money as you want.


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