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Getting 5-apple VIPKid parent feedback for each class, acquiring followers at VIPKid, and being able to communicate with parents through social media are keys to getting and keeping a full and profitable schedule at VIPKid.

Having success with these keys are based on two things: your teaching quality and how well you write your feedback. Furthermore, you need to ask parents for these things and so let’s discuss.

5-Apple Feedback


The two keys to getting a 5-apple feedback from parents is: teach a high-quality class and write feedback that parents want to read.

How to Teach a High-Quality Class:

Be Positive and Smile often: from the time you open your camera till the time you close your camera and turn off your microphone – you want the impression that your class is positive and encouraging to the student.

Teach all the slides: Parents want all the material taught and you want to give them what they want.

Give out 5 stars to the student: Every five minutes you should be giving out a star and motivating the student to learn.

Make sure the student is speaking throughout the lesson: For the lower level students- students should be speaking at least half of the lesson (student speaks 50% of the lesson) and for upper level students – students should be speaking most of the lesson (the student should speak at least 70% of the lesson).

Timely and positive error correction: make sure that your correcting mistakes and helping the student to correct with practice.

Write high quality feedback: that parents want to read, click here to learn more about writing feedback that will assist you in getting a 5-apple feedback.

How to Ask for It

After you have taught a high-quality class and have written feedback that parents want to read, you should be comfortable asking for a 5-apple feedback as well as few other things. At the end of EVERY lesson, you will be writing feedback and you should be asking for a 5- apple feedback from the parents. VIPKid wants its teachers to have a 5-apple feedback rate of at least 25% for all classes you teach so you will need to ask for it after every lesson.

Here are some examples of how to ask for tactfully:

“If you liked my class, please leave me positive (5 apple) feedback! It is very important to VIPKid teachers to get feedback from every class. Thank you!”

“Thank you for booking a class with me! If you enjoy our class, please leave me five apples! I look forward to hearing from you. Your feedback is always appreciated!”

“If you liked my teaching today, please leave me positive (5 apple) feedback! It is very important to VIPKID teachers to get feedback from every class. Thank you!”

“I am always looking for ways to improve as a teacher. Please leave me teacher feedback with any suggestions on how to best teach your child. Thank you!”

There are other examples on how to ask and you may want to save the scripts that work best for you.
Parents that do leave a 5-apple feedback should be thanked after the next lesson’s feedback and ask for it again in a tactful manner.

Followers at VIPKid

Parents at VIPKid can follow you by ‘bookmarking’ you as a favorite teacher or a teacher they are interested in.

Having followers does not guarantee that you will be booked but it does help. Basically, when you open slots, the parents that are following you at VIPKid will be notified of the open slots. This gives them a chance at booking you for a lesson.

Parents will add you and some will fall off for various reason.

Along with asking parents for a 5-apple feedback, you should ask them to follow you at VIPKid especially if you taught a new student.


WeChat is a social media platform that is popular in China.

You can use it to communicate with parents outside of VIPKid. It is helpful for informing your regular parents and students about your availability and when you are opening slots.

You will need a WeChat account and download the app on your Smart phone or device.

Along with asking parents to follow you at VIPKid, if you set-up a WeChat account, you will want to ask parents to follow you there as well.

My Final Thoughts on VIPKid Parent Feedback

Much of what is discussed in this post comes down to one thing: building relationships with the students you teach and with their parents.

If the students and parents like you, if the students are learning, if they are having fun, and if they know you care, you should be able to get a 5-apple feedback for many of your classes and your followers such increase at VIPKid and on your WeChat account if you set one up.

The 5-apple feedback will help encourage new students to sign up for your class. Having followers, will help parents to re-sign up for classes and slots you open.

All of this leads to a full schedule and a full paycheck. I hope this post helps you in your VIPKid teaching. Best of luck and happy teaching!

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